Frequently Asked Questions – Silent Picturehouse


What is British Airways Silent Picturehouse?


British Airways is bringing back ‘Silent Picturehouse’ - a unique cinematic experience showing five travel inspired films on big screens in the evening, and children’s movies by day. In an innovative twist, viewers tune in from personal headsets, replicating the in-flight experience.


QWhen is British Airways Silent Picturehouse?

Silent Picturehouse will run from 22 – 26 July 2013 2013

Doors open at 1830 and films start showing at 1930
Doors close at 2330

Silent Picturehouse Kids will run from 22 – 26 July 2013

Doors open at 1230 and films start showing at 1330
Event closes at 1600

QIs there an age limit?

Yes. British Airways Silent Picturehouse is for over 18’s only due to the nature of the event where 5 different films can be watched at the viewers’ choice

Silent Picturehouse Kids is open to everyone and recommended age group for the films on show is ages 3 years up to 14 years.


QHow do I get tickets?

Tickets for both Silent Picturehouse and Silent Picturehouse Kids are on sale at  Tickets are only available to buy online.


QWhat if I buy a ticket and then cannot attend?

Full details of returning tickets and obtaining a refund are available at terms and conditions.


QHow do I access the event?

Once you have purchased your ticket online you will be sent a confirmation email. Please print your confirmation email and bring it with you to the event. Please also ensure that you have a form of identification with you (driving license or passport) to authenticate that you are the person who purchased the tickets or the lead person in your party.


QHow many tickets can I purchase?

Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis. For Silent Picturehouse, each applicant may purchase  a maximum of 6 tickets. For Silent Picturehouse Kids, each applicant may purchase up to 4 adult tickets and  8 children’s tickets. However, please be advised that there must be at least one parent or guardian present for every 2 children.


QWhat films are showing at the Silent Picturehouse?

Films will be shown on five giant screens simultaneously, they include; the latest James Bond hit Skyfall on the ‘Best of BAFTA 2013’, timeless thriller Jaws on the ‘Onboard BA’ screen, adventure drama The Beach on the ‘Travel Classics’ screen and cult classic Top Gun on the ‘Flight in Film’ screen. Our voters on Fan’s Choice  at; voted for Slumdog Millionaire and this is the fifth screen film choice.


QWhat films are showing at Silent Picturehouse Kids?

We will be showing a selection of Disney films for children across the five screens; Up, Cars 2, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Oz the Great and Powerful and The Muppets.


QWho is responsible for the children at Silent Picturehouse Kids?

Any children attending Silent Picturehouse Kids are the sole responsibility of the parent and/or guardian that they are with. British Airways and Vinopolis do not accept responsibility for the supervision of children during the event. Please note that there must be at least one parent or guardian present and responsible for every 2 children.


QWill there be food and drinks available?

Ticket price includes hot-dog*, popcorn, ice-cream, a complimentary glass of champagne** and pic n’ mix.  Drinks may be purchased from the Silent Picturehouse Bar.

*vegetarian option available
**soft drink will be served as an alternative at Silent Picturehouse Kids


QIs there disability access?

Yes, there is disabled access into and around the venue.


QWho should I contact if I have a complaint

Please email or send a letter to Kelly Stevenson – Global Sponsorship & Events, British Airways Plc, Waterside (HCAG) Harmondsworth, Middlesex UB7 0GB