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Escolher brilhantes escapadinhas na cidade de Las Vegas

Este oásis em néon no deserto do Nevada cria uma incomparável escapadinha na cidade. Quer esteja a planear um fim-de-semana romântico ou um par de noites cheias de diversão com os seus amigos, nós dispomos do pacote de voo e hotel perfeitopara si.

Las Vegas é tudo aquilo que sempre imaginou. É glamorosa, excitante e a diversão nunca para. A lista de coisas a fazer é interminável, quer seja a emoção dos jogos, as grandes oportunidades de compras ou os campos de golfe de primeira classe, que tornam esta cidade tão atrativa. Esta será a viagem da sua vida. Certifique-se apenas de que reserva tempo suficiente para relaxar. Marque um tratamento de spa num dos nossos hotéis de luxo ou compre bilhetes para um espetáculo impressionante na Strip.

Principais dicas para Las Vegas

Las Vegas é uma experiência espetacular quando se visita pela primeira vez, pela segunda vez e até pela terceira vez. Eis algumas dicas que o ajudarão a suportar o calor do deserto, possivelmente a ganhar algum dinheiro e a manter-se em segurança durante a sua viagem a Sin City.

Stick to a budget.

It may seem obvious, but there are many things that you won’t plan for. Temptation lies in wait around every corner in Vegas, so stick to a budget. Buy a 24 pass for Caesar’s hotel buffets, this will save you a lot of money on food as you can choose from nine hotels. Why not pre-book experiences or day trips, that way you have solid plans and avoid the disappointment of them being fully booked.

Getting around.

Las Vegas is much bigger than you might think, so take a map (or pick one up from the hotel). If you are staying at one end of the Strip it is not a short walk to the other end. The best way to get anywhere is by bus, so get a 24-hour ticket and just hop-on and hop-off anytime you like. If you do walk, be aware of your surroundings at all times, as drivers are often not focusing on the road.

Learning the rules of play.

Whilst gaming is hard to resist, you don’t want to lose everything straight away. The best way to do this is to have some lessons, they are fun, teach you how to play and are a good way to meet people. Circus, Circus and Excalibur hold daily lessons during the week and they will give you more of a chance against the house. Also, ask the dealers if you are not sure of the rules, they are there to help.

Dress for comfort.

Las Vegas is an oasis in the middle of a desert, so it is very hot outside. However, a lot of the casinos and hotels will have very chilly air conditioning, so might be necessary to take a jacket. While shorts and bikinis are good for pool parties, they are frowned upon in the evening, when smart casual is expected. Also, take a good pair of shoes, as you will be doing a lot of walking.

24-hour living.

It may seem strange to be able to buy coffee and cakes or even beer and pizza at five in the morning, but you can. A lot of hotels on the Strip are open 24-hours, as are some great vintage casinos and bars, such as the Peppermill – a throwback to the Vegas of old. But be careful though, time becomes abstract and night quickly turns into day.

Keep hydrated.

As Las Vegas is in the desert, it is hot all-year round and temperatures soar upwards of 40 degrees in the summer months. So make sure you drink plenty of water and wear high-factor sun cream. Beers, wines and cocktails will dehydrate you, no matter how much ice in them. With hotels often charging quite high rates for bottled water, perhaps stock up in convenience stores near to your hotel.

Avoiding scams.

Las Vegas is considered a safe city, so you are free to walk alone day or night if you wish. But there are a few problems with scams, so be wary. Always ask when getting a taxi which way they are going to take you, as sometimes they will take you the long way round. Also, don’t buy tickets for nightclubs or shows in the street, as they may be fakes.

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