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Spa breaks

Our spa breaks are the perfect antidote to the helter-skelter pace of modern living. As soon as your arrive life’s stresses and strains melt away as you relax, laze and indulge in pampering treatments designed to refresh the body and soothe the soul.

We have an excellent selection of both city and beach spa hotels for you to choose from. Often inspired by their natural environment, they feature signature treatments and a team of experienced professional therapists who are happy to tailor a programme that is perfectly suited to your needs. Some of our luxury holidays feature world leading spa brands – providing their associated therapies and skin products. Whether you make time for one or two appointments or decide to dedicate your entire holiday to wellbeing – eating delicious healthy food, enjoying soothing massages and a wide variety of activities, you will feel the benefits immediately.

Destinazione spa in primo piano - St Lucia

BodyHoliday a St Lucia.

BodyHoliday, St Lucia

BodyHoliday ama offrirle novità tutti i mesi. Così, oltre al trattamento quotidiano di 50 minuti e la più ampia scelta di sport e attività incluse nella sua vacanza, sono in programma alcuni eventi emozionanti. Nel mese di giugno, le consigliamo di mettere in valigia le scarpe adatte per ballare il jive. Nei mesi di luglio e agosto, l'intera famiglia potrà apprendere nuove abilità con l'avventuroso programma Wellfit. Settembre è ricchissimo di eventi per incontrarsi e conoscersi, tra cui cene e cocktail party. Ottobre si prende cura dell'anima con lezioni di yoga incentrate su tecniche diverse. Nel mese di novembre, potrà tornare in forma con un campo di addestramento intensivo per trasformare il corpo e la mente, in preparazione della pausa ristoratrice pre-natalizia, a dicembre.

Enhance your sense of wellbeing

Lady having her feet massaged.


After a long day sightseeing a soothing foot massage will be well deserved. All of our spa hotels in Europe offer a wide range of treatments and a variety of prices to choose from – you are certain to find the perfect spa break for you.

Couple at a Spa.

North America

Whatever your preference – indulgent treatments, invigorating exercise or simply relaxing by the pool – our spa breaks in North America will provide the perfect blend to ensure your spa holiday is memorable.

Lady in swimming pool.


After a long flight to the Caribbean or South America, the sanctuary of a spa is the perfect place to recharge. Enjoy a rejuvenating holiday experience that combines an incredible daily programme of body treatments.

Food on table.


Spa treatments in Africa often use local spa products made from indigenous plants. Some of our spa hotels have also partnered with industry leading experts such as Clarins and Moya.

Lady relaxing at a spa.

Middle East

Middle East spa breaks represent a sanctuary where mystical eastern therapies blend seamlessly with western beauty treatments. With several fine spa hotels to choose from you’re sure to end your holiday more relaxed than when you left home.

Spa items displayed.

Indian Ocean

Indulge in therapies such as holistic treatments drawn from Ayurveda or aromatherapy, or renowned products and techniques from La Prairie and Givenchy, when you take a spa break in the Indian Ocean.


Far East

Chi spa therapies are widely practiced in the Far East, and our spa hotels offer a range of therapies to balance your yin and yang and achieve equilibrium across the five elements of metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

Cup of tea on a tray at a Spa.


Combining the best of ancient and modern spa treatments, our British spa hotels promise a myriad of self-indulgent therapies. Tailor your own spa routine with your personal therapist over a cup of herbal tea.