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Explore these stunning islands and discover the many contrasts of Hawaii, from bustling cities to striking natural wonders and charming towns that give a glimpse into a Hawaii of another time.

A place where timeless beauty effortlessly exists alongside modern day luxury and big cities fade into tranquil towns. This fascinating destination has many sides to its character, with each island offering its own unique personality. Oahu is the heart of Hawaii and is by far the liveliest of the islands, with metropolitan Honolulu and the world-famous Waikiki Beach. Kauai, the ‘garden isle’ is aptly covered in lush valleys, jagged cliffs, tropical rainforests and cascading waterfalls, while the Big Island boasts powerful, dramatic scenery and Maui offers a wealth of outdoor adventures. But, no matter where you are in Hawaii, the most thriving areas are never far from idyllic natural beauty and the ‘old world Hawaii’ charm and flavour runs throughout.


Hawaii Islands



You'll be surprised by the diversity of this spectacular island, from the world-class hotels and popular attractions of Waikiki to the lush gardens and valleys of Windward Coast and the charming historic towns of Central Oahu. Enjoy an unforgettable surf lesson in Waikiki, embrace the idyllic outdoor vibe of the Leeward Coast whilst kayaking or horse riding or explore the capital city, Honolulu, with its museums, galleries and historic landmarks like Pearl Harbor. See epic winter waves at the North Shore surf competitions - where the charming surf towns have a laid back country feel.



Maui will take your breath away, with its astonishing scenery and spectacular natural beauty. Get a flavour of 'old Hawaii' at Molokai, where the 250 foot jungle waterfall and towering sea cliffs are seemingly untouched by time. Get away from it all in Lanai and catch a glimpse of Hawaii at another time - with no traffic lights and no crowds. The breathtaking West Maui Forest Reserve provides a stunning background, while the championship golf courses and bustling town of Lahaina provide plenty to see and do.



Kauai is home to many spectacular natural wonders, which include the dramatic Waimea Canyon, tranquil Wailua Falls and picturesque Kalapaki Beach. Picture a place that combines tumbling waterfalls with palm fringed beaches and historic landmarks and you’ll get close to the splendour of this beautiful island. On the North Shore, picnic at Hanalei Bay which has been named one of America’s best beaches or head to the South Shore, known as Kauai’s sunny side and home to a 10 mile heritage trail with a spectacular lookout.

Big Island

Big Island

This may be the largest of the Hawaiian islands but as the least developed it boasts an unspoilt setting where on the beach the number of turtles outnumbers the people. The West Side is known for its world-class golf and resorts. Ka’u and Puna are home to orchid gardens, quaint towns and dramatic black sand beaches. Let the flavour and charm of the East Side captivate you, the flourishing capital city of Hilo has a spectacular volcano backdrop and is the gateway to the Volcanoes National Park.

Hawaii weather

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