Vada in vacanza in Grecia per visitare gli antichi monumenti greci di Atene e le reliquie bizantine in della seconda città della Grecia, Salonicco. Nel nord, visiti i remoti monasteri medievali di Meteora. Nelle isole greche di Rodi e Kos la attendono spiagge assolate, villaggi sonnolenti e vivaci località. Mentre le bellezze naturali e il fascino tradizionale di Creta e Corfù la affascineranno.

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Luxury in Halkidiki

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Flights to Greece

DestinazioneVoli da
Atene£52 a tratta
Mykonos£57 a tratta
Thessaloniki (Halkidiki)£62 a tratta
Santorini£72 a tratta
Rodi.£91 a tratta
Creta£101 a tratta

Holidays in Greece

DestinazionePrezzi da:
AteneVolo + 3 pernottamenti hotel£164 per persona
CretaVolo + 7 pernottamenti hotel£217 per persona
Rodi.Volo + 3 pernottamenti hotel£227 per persona
Thessaloniki (Halkidiki)Volo + 7 pernottamenti hotel£301 per persona
SantoriniVolo + 7 pernottamenti hotel£381 per persona
MykonosVolo + 7 pernottamenti hotel£471 per persona

Cheap holidays in Greece


Head to one of Greece's 60 inhabited islands for your holidays. Opt for the lush green of Greece's Ionian islands (including Corfu and Kefalonia) to the west, or the dry rocky Cyclades to the south-east - from Santorini to Mykonos. On the mainland in Thessaloniki, you'll find cove after cove of hidden treasures in Halkidiki.

City breaks in Greece


On a cultural holiday in Greece, see the ancient temples of the Acropolis in Athens and centuries-old Byzantine churches in Thessaloniki, then indulge in soutzoukakia (meat-balls in tomato sauce). On island holidays in Greece, roam the cobbled streets of Italianate Corfu Town and medieval Rhodes Town, both UNESCO-listed attractions. Then tuck into seafood – think htapodi (octopus), kalamari (squid) and xifias (swordfish).

Things to do in Greece


For a challenging holiday in Greece, charter a yacht and sail down the Ionian Sea from Corfu to Zakynthos and across the Aegean Sea from Kos to Paros, or try windsurfing off Lefkada island. For outdoor cultural holidays in Greece, explore the archaeological sites of Delphi and Olympia or in travel to the mountains of northern Greece and try rabbit casserole, stifado.

Villa holidays in Greece


Immerse yourself in the natural splendour of Greece, with its olive tree-draped hills and sparkling aquamarine seas, on a villa holiday with James Villas. The extensive James portfolio includes villas with private pools, in perfect settings for enjoying the serenity of Crete and Corfu. Or choose a conveniently located property for taking in the ancient ruins of Rhodes.