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Delightful Dubrovnik


Known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, Dubrovnik sits majestically on the Dalmatian coastline. Its Old Town is famous the world over for the spectacular medieval walls, which tower above a city teeming with historic architectural gems.

Dubrovnik suffered heavy damage in the early 90s, due to war, but has been fully restored to its former glory. The magnificent stone ramparts that encircle the city are themselves surrounded by a landscape of hip suburbs, delightful beaches and verdant islands stretching out into the Adriatic Sea. Inside the walls, the 13th century Placa Stradun bustles night and day, and has superb cafés and bars lining the street. Wander along the gleaming marble thoroughfare and take in the Gothic architectural splendour of the Sponza Palace and remarkable medieval monasteries. Beyond the walls, you’ll be greeted by Mount Srđ, whose summit can be reached by cable car – which offers views of the marbled azure of the sea and the splendid Elaphiti Islands below.


Dubrovnik and beyond

Find out what each of Dubrovnik’s unique neighbourhoods have to offer

Marble-paved street.

Take a stroll round the Old Town, the historic centre of Dubrovnik. Its majestic surrounding walls have protected the city since the 12th century. Inside the walls, you will find architectural highlights like the Rector’s Palace and Placa Stradun, a marble-paved street which glistens in the afternoon sun. The Gothic Sponza Palace is where they now hold the city archives and where the Dubrovnik Summer Festival begins each year. You will also find some of the best restaurants and bars in the Old Town, like the fantastic Azur, which serves Mediterranean-Asian fusion cuisine.

Dubrovnik Palace.

The Lapad peninsular is a suburb of Dubrovnik located 3km northwest of the city, with lots of great accommodation next to the Adriatic Sea. It has plenty of parks and green spaces, making it perfect for long walks, away from the city walls. You will find plenty of cafés, restaurants and bars waiting for you after your day out. The spectacular Dubrovnik Palace sits on the west of Lapad, overlooking the Adriatic and Petka Hill, in the National Forest, which has a perfect view of Dubrovnik and the coastline.

Mediterranean beaches.

Sitting on the southernmost tip of the Dubrovnik Riviera you’ll find Cavtat, a beautiful town with a quiet, relaxed pace of life. Visitors will enjoy its secluded Mediterranean beaches and charming old town. The harbour, which is lined with fragrant cypress trees, welcomes you to its cafés and restaurants. Cavtat’s bays are sheltered by rocky coves, ideal for sunbathing or taking a dip in the crystal clear water. Visit the picturesque Rector’s Palace (not the Dubrovnik one) which houses the curio collection of Baltazar Bogisic, a famed 19th century scientist local to the city.

Copacabana Beach.

Babin Kuk is a leafy and quiet neighbourhood at the northern tip of the Lapad peninsular. It is great for families as they have the longest beach in Dubrovnik – Copacabana Beach – which offers water sports and a promenade with great cafés serving delicious local ice cream. There are also lots of green spaces with walking paths winding through – ideal for a lazy afternoon stroll. You won’t find many locals in Babin Kuk, but it is only a short bus ride away from the Old Town. Head to the Orsan Yacht Club for a great seafood platter in their restaurant.

Korčula Island.

The largest of the islands near to Dubrovnik, Korčula is also the name of its largest city. It has brilliant, but rocky beaches, and is surrounded by crystal clear sea. Be aware that there are a lot of sea urchins in the area. The town of Korčula is full of great cafés and restaurants serving seafood and superb wine made locally. But one of the main attractions is cycling, with many paths crisscrossing the island, bringing plenty of riders throughout the year. A good tip for swimming is near Korčula town, where locals dive of the ramparts into the cool depths below.

Elaphite Islands.

For those wishing to get away from it all, the Elaphite Islands are a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik’s Gruž harbour. The three inhabited islands – Koločep, Lopud and Šipan – offer stunning retreats from modern life. They are mostly car-free (only Šipan allows private vehicles), so either walking or cycling is a must. But the walking trails are superb, delving deep into the secluded forested hills. You will be amazed when you discover the lavish summer homes of the Dubrovnik nobility on Šipan. Don’t miss the Šunj beach on Lopud – perfect for a quick dip in the sea.

Bay of Kotor.

While not technically in Croatia, Montenegro is a great place to take a day trip. Down the coast from Dubrovnik, you will cross the border and find yourself in one of the most beautiful bays in the world – the Bay of Kotor. The mountains come right to the waterline around this fjord-like bay, creating a dramatic backdrop to the surrounded city. The old town of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the labyrinthine streets are made to confuse new arrivals. Get lost in wonder in this stunning part of the world.

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Discover the many sides of Dubrovnik

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