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Amazing and unusual holiday destinations

There's a whole world out there, waiting to be discovered. People, places, experiences. Forget the ordinary, explore more.


Americas and Caribbean

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The vibrant nightlife of Santo Domingo city and the idyllic beaches of Punta Cana are just the start of your adventure. Go whale watching in Samana Bay, or try snorkelling in the deserted lagoons of Saona and Cayo Paraiso. Jarabacoa is the home of all things extreme, where thrill-seekers can indulge in canyoning, white water rafting and paragliding.


Austin (Texas)

There’s more to Austin than the SXSW festival — if you know where to look. Head to the Tiniest Bar in Texas or the Broken Spoke dancehall, two of the city’s enduring hole-in-the-wall venues, or join revellers celebrating the one-day festival, Eeyore’s Birthday Party. To experience the city’s famous food trucks, visit the Midway Food Park just off Highway 360 for tacos, lobster rolls and cheesecake.


Sao Paulo and Florianopolis (Brazil)

Embrace the exciting chaos of this South American metropolis. Visit the jazz bars, browse the glamorous shops on Rua Oscar Freire, and sample some of the darkest, most delicious coffee in the world. To escape the concrete, head south to Florianopolis — a well-kept Brazilian secret with great surfing beaches and an authentic local party scene.


Patagonia (Argentina)

After a few days in buzzing Buenos Aires, journeying through this spectacular expanse of land — which covers both Chile and Argentina — will be a wild change of scenery. One of the world’s least populated regions, the eerily beautiful and arid landscape captivates intrepid adventurers with its windswept plateaus, ancient petrified forests, unexpected Welsh settlements, wonderful wildlife and brilliantly blue glaciers.



Stroll through the heart of Mexico City and you’ll come across the ‘wall of skulls’ – part of the 14th century Aztec Templo Mayor. And just a 50 minute drive away, step back to 100 AD and in the Avenue of the Dead you’ll find the Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon, part of the ancient civilisation of Teotihuacan.

Middle East and Africa



A city hewn into red-rose rock by Nabataeans, a crusader fort perched on a rocky mountain overlooking Shoubak, a sea where Herod the Great and Cleopatra bathed, Roman amphitheatres, and nature reserves that provide a haven for plants, birds, mammals and marine life – Jordan opens up a world of discovery.



Combine sea and desert activities for the perfect Oman adventure. Dive or snorkel the aquamarine waters, then relax under a date palm. Explore Oman's ancient desert forts and hike to lush oases. Climb Jebel Shams, Oman's highest mountain. No trip to Oman would be complete without visiting Muscat's mosques, museums and markets.

Asie du Sud et Asie centrale


Seoul (South Korea)

A vibrant mish-mash of neon lights, K-Pop and temples, Seoul has plenty of unusual cultural delights — including adventurous cuisine. Try hongeo, a notoriously pungent fermented skate dish, or follow the local hipsters to Kyungnidan for craft beer and build-your-own stir-fry. Truly fearless foodies should head to Noryangjin seafood market for sannakji — octopus that’s so fresh that it’s still wriggling on your plate.


Chengdu (Sichuan, China)

If giant pandas in their natural habitat get your heart racing, visit Bifengxia Panda Reserve about 1½ hours from Chengdu. Less crowded than the Chengdu Research Base, you can wander through this verdant gorge with its cascading waterfalls, watching pandas eat, play and looking after their young.


Hyderabad (India)

Once a hub for powerful and wealthy dynasties, this historic city isn’t short of grand temples, mosques and palaces. But to get off the tourist track, drive to the hilltop city of Bidar, which is home to impressive ruins and a colossal fort. Back in the city, tuck into a fiery biryani and sip Irani chai to the sound of the muezzin’s call.


Chennai (India)

Steeped in spirituality, Chennai offers you the Temple of Annamalaiyar with its 1,000 pillared hall, the serene Cholmandal Artists’ Village where you’re welcomed into the studios, and a tempting choice of restaurants where you’ll enjoy richly flavoured southern dishes such as sambar, rasam or kootu.


Kanazawa (Japan)

For a speedy ride from Tokyo to the charming old town of Kanazawa, take the 160mph Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train. For a more leisurely journey to “little Kyoto”, try the Kyushu Seven Stars sleeper train. Designed to rival the luxury of Europe’s Orient Express and the Ghan in Australia, relax in exquisitely designed surroundings as you pass through rice paddy fields and Japan’s volcanic landscapes.

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