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We continue to refine our on-board experience – adding improvements that have a positive effect on passengers’ minds and bodies. We wanted to see the actual physical and mental effects these have and so we created the Happiness Blanket.

Discover our new on-board refinements now.

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What is the Happiness Blanket

What is the Happiness Blanket?

The Happiness Blanket is a revolutionary device that visually shows the wellbeing of a passenger in real time by changing colour to reflect their mood while on-board.

The experiment

We invited seven people on a flight to New York and seated them across World Traveller Plus, Club World through to First, so we could measure the effects of our refinements in all cabins. View the results of our experiment below.

Height cuisine

Height cuisine

The blankets showed passengers enjoyed our new selected menu, especially chosen to taste fantastic even at altitude.



Our wider choice of entertainment showed various changes in the blankets depending on each passenger’s selection.


Relax with support.

The improved neck and back support visibly helped passengers relax.



Our advanced lighting, simulating night and day, gave a great night’s sleep across all cabins.