Restauration et boissons

Did you know your sense of taste changes when you are flying at 30,000 feet? After conducting extensive research we have improved the food and wine we offer, so it tastes even better in the air than it does on the ground.

Not only is the food and drink we offer on board complimentary, it is sourced locally from reputable suppliers before being freshly prepared for your flight. All of this means we know the origin of everything we serve, so go ahead and enjoy.

You can now order your main meal in advance

If you are flying in First, Club World or World Traveller Plus


For many flights departing from London Heathrow you can now make your meal selection from the on-board menu between 30 days and 24 hours before your flight, for no extra charge.

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We will offer you a complimentary standard meal on-board your flight if you choose not to order a meal online.

Gérer ma réservation

Our on-board dining options


A salad with bread.

Enjoy our complimentary food and drinks, perfectly suited to the time of day and length of your flight.

Repas en classe économique

Economique supérieure

Premium economy dining.

Look forward to a three-course meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on your flight time. All of our main course dishes are designed by leading chefs.

Repas en classe économique supérieure


Dish with King prawns.

Our business class menu has been designed by leading chefs using the freshest quality products with seasonality in mind; all accompanied by imaginatively selected Old and New World wines.

Restauration Business


A dessert in First class.

Our First meals are prepared, presented and served personally to you. The exciting range of flavours, quality and aromas make our food delicious and our expertly sourced wine cellar adds to your enjoyment of our First dining experience.

Restauration First

Repas spéciaux

Greek salad.

Are you a vegetarian, travelling with children or have medical dietary requirements? Tell us in advance of your flight and we’ll try to provide you a special meal to suit your needs.

Our full range of special meals

Allergies alimentaires

Nuts and berries.

On board we cannot ensure the cabin is free from food allergens but we do provide a wide range of special meal options to cater for food sensitivities.

Our use of common food allergens