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Highlights this month

  • Rio 2

    Movie | Family

    Jewel, Blu and their three kids leave their domesticated life in the magical city of Rio de Janeiro for a journey to the… Read More

  • The Lego Movie

    Movie | Family

    When an ordinary LEGO mini figure called Emmet is mistakenly identified as the key to saving the world, he is sent on an… Read More

  • Muppets Most Wanted

    Movie | Family

    While on a grand world tour, The Muppets find themselves caught up in a European jewel-heist, headed by a Kermit the Fro… Read More

  • Cartoon Network

    Television | Kids' Zone

    Join in the animated adventures of some Cartoon Network classics such as ‘Regular Show’ and ‘Adventure… Read More

  • Nickelodeon

    Television | Kids' Zone

    Sit back and enjoy a selection of your favourite Nickelodeon shows such as ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’, ‘D… Read More

  • Cbeebies

    Television | Kids' Zone

    It’s CBeebies time – which means it’s your chance to have fun watching ‘Numtums’, ‘W… Read More

  • Brit 40 Chart Show – Roberto

    Audio | Music

    Massive tracks from the likes of Olly Murs, Rihanna and Calvin Harris. Tune in to find out which hit becomes the BRIT 40… Read More

  • The Story Mouse – Alan Smith

    Audio | Young Literature

    Enjoy classical fairy tales in The Story Mouse including Cinderella, The Elves & the Shoemaker, The Princess &… Read More

  • iMinds Junior Arts

    Audio | Kids

    Enjoy these interesting Arts programmes such as Photography, Impressionism, Renaissance, Roman Myths and Merlin. They… Read More

  • Mini Golf

    Game | Sport

    Win big at a game of mini golf. Complete holes in as little shots as you can by using the right angle and strength. Boun… Read More

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