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Corporate Responsibility


At British Airways our promise of ‘To Fly. To Serve’ embodies who we are and what we do. We want to ensure our promise extends beyond our everyday operation and that our commitment is one that lasts. To do that we have one overarching goal: Responsible Flying For Everyone.

What is Responsible Flying for Everyone?


We want to use the power of flight to spread social and economic benefits to people and we want flying to be both an inclusive and responsible practice that is actively involved in caring for our people and our planet.

British Airways has led on sustainability for 25 years since the establishment of our Environment function in 1989 and in 1992 we became the first airline to produce an environmental report and have continued to do so annually since. We actively strive to continue to set the standard for safe and responsible aviation in the future.

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Mitigating our environmental impact


We recognise that flying has an impact on the Environment and we are fully committed to doing all we can to minimise this impact both globally and on a local scale. As part of this commitment British Airways has led the airline industry in setting challenging targets, including those regarding carbon efficiency, absolute emissions reductions, noise per flight and waste recycling.

Our comprehensive climate action plan includes:

  • development of new low-carbon fuels,
  • emissions saving initiatives,
  • environment projects supported by customer donations
  • and proactive support for appropriate government regulation

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Being a responsible business and employer


Our sustainability practices are becoming more important to our customers and we endeavour to make these visible throughout the entire customer journey. From boarding the newest aircraft with improved fuel efficiencies to being kept up to speed with our community investment and exciting fuel innovation work; our customers are witnessing our commitment to sustainability throughout their journey with us.

Our colleagues’ wellbeing and feelings of being valued are very important to us. We seek regular feedback enabling us to build greater levels of staff engagement.

British Airways’ commitment to responsible aviation is also reflected throughout our supply chain. Our relationships with our suppliers are built on trust and respect with ethical sourcing along with fair and realistic contractual obligations being a key driver for engagement.

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Enriching livelihoods and communities


Our work focuses on four specific areas enabling us to deliver our commitment to the communities we serve.

  1. Flying Start - our partnership with Comic Relief

    Flying Start is British Airways’ corporate charity partnership with Comic Relief UK, raising money for children both in the UK and overseas who have experienced challenge and hardship in their lives.

  2. Colleague volunteering

    All British Airways staff can now volunteer both in the UK and overseas within a structured framework, not only helping others but contributing to their own personal development.

  3. The British Airways Community & Conservation programme (BACC)

    We have 30 community and conservation partners all of which are UK registered charities based in communities across our worldwide network. We provide flight bursaries, excess baggage and cargo to support our partners in their work.

  4. The Community Learning Centre

    Opened in 1999, the centre provides learning opportunities for young people from schools and colleges across the Heathrow community and further afield.

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