Vuelos retrasados o cancelados

We're sorry for the inconvenience caused by your delayed or cancelled flight. We understand how stressful this can be and we will always do our best to prevent this. If we have to make any changes, we'll carefully consider all possible options to minimise the impact to your journey and will only cancel a flight if we absolutely have to.

What we'll do to help

  • We'll notify you about any changes to your flight and keep you updated. Please provide us with your contact details so we're able to do this. If you're an Executive Club Member or a registered customer, you can store them for future journeys. We will not use this information for anything else or pass it on to third parties.
  • Nos encargaremos de hacerle una nueva reserva automáticamente en el siguiente vuelo de British Airways disponible.
  • If the new booking isn't suitable, please see your options for changing your booking.
  • Depending on the flight distance and the length of the delay*, we will provide refreshments and meals (usually through vouchers) and refund relevant expenses.
  • Depending on the length of the delay, we will pay relevant compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight.


*As determined by EU regulations:

  • retrasos de dos horas o más para vuelos de 1500 km o menos
  • retrasos de tres horas o más para todos los vuelos dentro de la UE de más de 1500 km y el resto de vuelos entre 1500 km y 3500 km
  • retrasos de cuatro horas o más para el resto de vuelos

What you need to do

  • Provide us with your contact details so we can inform you about changes to your booking. If you're an Executive Club Member or a registered customer, you can store them for future journeys. We will not use this information for anything else or pass it on to third parties.
  • Check if you received any notifications from us - in most cases, we'll automatically rebook you to the next available flight. See your options for more information.
  • Compruebe el estado de su vuelo. Vaya al aeropuerto únicamente si su vuelo va a salir para evitar las largas horas de espera y las colas.
  • Check in online or with the British Airways app rather than at the airport to save time and avoid stress if there are queues. You must have passed through airport security at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight.
  • If you have a connecting flight, check the minimum connection time it takes to reach your flight.
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Asistencia para discapacitados y para la movilidad

If your flight is cancelled, we'll automatically re-arrange any disability or mobility assistance you have requested.

Más información sobre asistencia para discapacitados y para la movilidad


Asientos reservados

• If your flight is cancelled, we will do our best to maintain the seats you had previously selected.

• Si pagó para reservar un asiento en concreto, haremos todo lo posible para encontrarle una alternativa apropiada. Si no es posible, podrá solicitar un reembolso.


Ordered meals

If your flight is cancelled, we will carry forward any meals you had ordered in advance (including special meals) to your rebooked flight.

recogidomostrarEquipaje perdido y dañado

If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you incurred additional expenses because of this, you may be able to claim a refund. If you have travel insurance for your journey, please contact your insurer first to save time and for a greater level of coverage.


Qué puede reclamar

  • Alojamiento en hoteles (cuando proceda)
  • Transporte entre el hotel y el aeropuerto (cuando proceda)
  • Menús y refrescos
  • Two telephone calls or internet-related costs to contact people outside the airport

Please note that we will only refund reasonable expenses for the above.


Qué no puede reclamar

  • If you choose to travel from a different departure point or to a different destination than your original booking, we won't cover any expenses for travel between these or any other consequential expenses, e.g. car hire, parking costs, etc.
  • We won't refund any unreasonable expenses.

Cómo reclamar los gastos

The quickest way to claim your expenses is to do this online. You will need:

  • los nombres de todos los pasajeros por los que está reclamando
  • details of all the delayed/cancelled flights in your journey (including date, from/to, flight number and airline operating the flight)
  • details of your expenses (e.g. hotel, transport, meals, phone and internet costs)
  • expense receipts and other supporting documents to attach to the form or send us by post; once you have submitted your claim we will email you a confirmation and the postal address
  • your bank account details to process the payment

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the form. Our Customer Relations team will aim to process your claim as soon as possible.

Reclamar los gastos

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Si realizó su reserva a través de un agente de viajes, un operador turístico o en línea (pero no en

Please contact them directly to advise and make changes to your booking.


Si reservó directamente con British Airways (en o llamando al centro de atención al cliente de British Airways):

Please see your rebook and refund options for more information.

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