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Vacaciones con BA

Vacaciones con BA
Explicación de la clase de vuelo
Tipo de billete

2 Los adultos, 1 Habitación

Explicación de la clase de vuelo
Tipo de billete
Explicación del tipo de billete

2 Los adultos, 1 Habitación

Explicación de la clase de vuelo
Tipo de billete
Explicación del tipo de billete

1 Adulto


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World Traveller

World Traveller seat.

World Traveller is our full-service economy class on flights beyond Europe, packed with all the comfort and benefits you expect from British Airways at an affordable price:

  • great value all-inclusive fares with no hidden charges
  • generous free baggage allowance
  • delicious meals and full bar service
  • personal entertainment system with complimentary headphones
  • family-friendly features and kids' activity packs
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Are you sitting comfortably?

Su asiento ofrece un diseño ergonómico e incluye un reposacabezas ajustable, soporte lumbar y reclinación.

Your World Traveller experience also includes a few extra features to help make the journey as enjoyable as possible, including a comfy cushion and blanket — plus flight socks, an eye mask, toothbrush and toothpaste on request.

  • Mother and son playing with a toy.
  • A row of World Traveller seats.
  • Man being served a meal on board.

Style upgrade

The World Traveller experience is getting a makeover. We're giving the cabin a stylish new interior, luxurious seats with greater recline, 35 per cent larger flat entertainment screen, in-seat power supply and more.

The new cabin is available now on our newest aircraft; A380, Boeing 787, Boeing 777-300ER and we're busy refurbishing many Boeing 777-200 and 767 aircraft to the same standard.

Our guide to in-seat power (pdf, 181kb, English only)

  • Row of World Traveller seats.
  • Children laughing on board.
  • Touchscreen in the back of the seat.
  • Man playing a game.
  • Cabin crew serving a drink.
World Traveller breakfast.

Delicious meals and full bar service

Naturally, your World Traveller experience includes complimentary drinks and a delicious assortment of fine foods designed by world renowned chefs to keep your taste buds entertained throughout the flight:

  • balanced meals crafted to perfectly match the time and duration of your flight
  • a wide range of special meal alternatives to suit your dietary needs
  • complimentary bar service, hot drinks, juices and water (on some very short flights, a full bar service is not always available)

Economy dining

Man playing with a games console.

Entretenimiento al alcance de la mano

Le espera un mundo interminable de entretenimiento:

  • cientos de estrenos cinematográficos, documentales, programas de televisión, música, audiolibros y juegos
  • personal flat screen and headphones
  • on-demand service that lets you choose what you want when you want it on most flights

Consulte nuestra programación para los próximos vuelos

Couple with baggage at the airport.

Flexible baggage options

Every World Traveller ticket includes our generous and flexible baggage allowance, giving you the choice of travelling light with carry-on baggage or checking an extra pair of shoes (or twelve) into the hold.

Some routes and ticket types come with an even greater allowance, while extra baggage can be carried for a fee.

Franquicias de equipaje

Desde su puerta a su destino

Deje que AirPortr recoja sus maletas en cualquier lugar de Londres y las facture en su vuelo con el servicio AirPortr + facturación de equipaje, exclusivo para los clientes de British Airways. Disponible para la amplia zona de Londres y vuelos que salen de Heathrow, Gatwick o London City, excepto los vuelos dentro del Reino Unido y los que salen de London City con destino Nueva York (JFK).

Más información sobre AirPortr + facturación del equipaje

Girl looking over the seat.

Family travel with none of the hassle

We love how exciting flying is for kids and think it should be just as much fun for the parents. When your family flies British Airways, you'll find lots of thoughtful touches to make your life a little easier and help keep your little ones happy and entertained during the flight, including:

  • priority boarding for families to help get you settled on board sooner
  • Skyflyer activity packs, children's TV, films, games and a parental lock for other channels
  • special children's meals which we'll serve first so you can enjoy your own meal at your own pace

See what else we offer families

Longhaul economy seats.

Experience our longhaul economy cabin

Tour our World Traveller cabin and discover the level of quality and detail we've put into the design to create a vision of calm and wellbeing during your flight. Whether you're travelling for a holiday or a business trip, you'll experience a more comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Explore World Traveller

Variaciones de los aviones

Wherever and whenever you fly World Traveller you can expect the same top quality food, drink and warm service by our attentive crew, but a few of the cabin design elements may vary by aircraft. See ‘Style upgrade’ above for more on our exciting new cabin design.