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Economy dining

Light salad for economy dining.

Whenever and wherever you are travelling we offer a complimentary snack or meal and bar service. With locally sourced ingredients, from trusted suppliers, you can enjoy our hospitality on the way to your chosen destination.

World Traveller

World traveller meal.

Dining with a difference

Travelling over breakfast, lunch or dinner means you can enjoy a three course meal or a light meal, depending on the length of your flight. Our bar service offers you a range of drinks to enjoy and travelling later in the day we recommend our afternoon tea. And if you are hungry between meals, we also offer you a mid-flight snack on selected routes.

Euro Traveller

Tortilla wrap.

Short flight with good food

On all Euro Traveller flights we offer you a snack and a bar service, and on some longer flights you’ll be offered more substantial refreshments. Wherever you’re flying to in Euro Traveller, enjoy a soft drink or your choice from the bar with your food.

UK Domestic


Snack on the run

As brief as your flight is within the UK you can still have a snack and drinks from the bar. The choice differs depending on the length of the flight but can include a hot breakfast or sweet or savoury deli snack.

All meal choices are subject to availability.