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Now save even more money on flights to Europe with Avios

X-ray suitcase taking off.

Last year we introduced a new way to save using your Avios. This year, we’re proud to introduce a new saving of €60 pp on our longer European routes.

Here’s how it works:

Select British Airways return flights to or from Europe:

  • Spend 1,500 Avios to save €12 pp
  • Spend 3,000 Avios to save €24 pp
  • Spend 4,500 Avios to save €36 pp
  • Spend 7,500 Avios to save €60 pp (saving only available on longer European and selected long haul routes)

All the available options for your selected flight will be shown before you see the total price.

Don’t forget that as a Member of the Executive Club you’ll still earn Avios and Tier Points on flights which means you can earn up to 3,000 Avios per member. That’s €24 off your next flight.

You can also make savings now on one-way journeys for as little as 750 Avios. For example, you can save from €6 with 750 Avios to €30 with 3,750 Avios.

This new way to spend Avios is available on British Airways flight-only bookings in all cabins. It can also be used for up to eight family and friends in the same booking.

Use your Avios to save more on long haul flights

For our European members, we're now trialling the €60 saving on long haul flights from Europe, for example on routes like Frankfurt to Los Angeles.

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Frequently asked questions

collapsedshowHow can I use Avios to save money on a flight?

Where can I book flights using Avios as part-payment?

Avios can be used as part-payment for bookings made on or by calling a British Airways Contact Centre. Avios cannot be used to pay for flights booked through a travel agent or at the airport.

What flights is this option available on?

Providing you have enough Avios in your account, you can use this payment option when booking British Airways short haul or UK domestic flights in our UK Domestic, Euro Traveller or Club Europe cabins.

This payment option is only available on British Airways and BA CityFlyer operated flights, including one-way journeys, return journeys and open-jaw bookings. The entire itinerary must be eligible for Avios part-payment for it to be applied to the booking.

What bookings are excluded from this payment option?

The Avios payment option is not available for group bookings or itineraries that include hotels or car rental, and will not be shown. You can add a hotel or car rental to your booking separately after you have booked your flight.

The entire itinerary must be eligible for Avios part-payment for it to be applied to the booking.

How do I make a booking?

You can search for flights on Once you have selected your flights you will be shown the Avios payment options that are available, provided that your itinerary is eligible and you have sufficient Avios in your account.

If you are not already logged-in to your Executive Club account, you will be prompted to do so in order to take advantage of this payment option.

Can I book flights with Avios part-payment for other people?

Yes. You can book flights with Avios part-payment for yourself and for other people too. When you make a booking using Avios, you must make the relevant payment for the ticket yourself. The Avios will be debited from your Executive Club account for each passenger on the booking.

I am in a Household Account. Can I book for people outside of the household?

Yes. Members of a Household Account can make Avios part-payment bookings for people outside of the Household Account.

If you are in a Household Account, current redemption rules apply regarding the debiting of Avios across the accounts of the household members.

collapsedshowWhat is the benefit of using this payment option?

What are the benefits of using Avios as part-payment for my booking?

• You’ll pay less money for your flight.

• You’ll earn Avios and Tier Points for your booking.

• This option lets you enjoy the benefits of Avios sooner, as you’ll only need from as little as 750 Avios to start saving.

• Enjoy the flexibility of using your Avios to pay for any available seat on short haul and domestic flights operated by British Airways and BA CityFlyer.

• Bookings made with Avios part-payment can be upgraded using Avios (subject to eligible booking class).

collapsedshowHow many Avios will I need?

What is the minimum amount of Avios I will need?

You only need as little as 750 Avios to save money on your flight. The Avios payment prices may vary according to the cabin class and route selected, and will be clearly displayed on the booking page.

Are the Avios part-payment prices fixed?

Yes. You will be offered part-payment options, depending on your Avios balance and the selected flight.

Can I pay for the whole booking using Avios?

No. You will be able to choose from a number of part-payment options, although you cannot pay for the whole booking with Avios.

Which destinations will offer me a €60 saving?

Agadir, Athens, Bucharest, Beirut, Casablanca, Catania, Gran Canaria, Istanbul, Kiev, Lanzarote, Larnaca, Malta, Marrakech, Mykonos, Paphos, Pristina, Santorini, Sofia, Tenerife, Thessaloniki, Tirana.

How many Avios will I need to get a €60 saving on long haul flights?

You will need a minimum of 7,500 Avios to be offered a discount on return long haul flights and 3,500 for a one-way flight.

collapsedshowWill I still earn Avios & Tier Points?

Will I earn Avios for flights booked with this payment option?

Yes. You will still earn the full amount of Avios associated with the eligible fare you are purchasing. The amount of Avios you earn does not reduce when you use Avios as part-payment.

You'll still collect extra Avios when you travel in one of our premium cabins, on top of the tier bonuses for Bronze, Silver and Gold Members.

Will I earn Tier Points for flights booked with this payment option?

Yes. You will still earn the full amount of Tier Points associated with the eligible fare you are purchasing. The level of Tier Points you earn does not reduce when you use Avios as part-payment.

collapsedshowCan I change or cancel my booking?

Can I make changes to my booking?

This depends on the fare that you have purchased. Bookings made with this payment option will be subject to the standard fare rules associated with the fare purchased.

Can I upgrade my booking using Avios?

Upgrades are dependent on the type of booking you have and there must be availability in the class you want to upgrade to. Upgrades are available from the following British Airways booking classes: J, C, D, R, I, W, E, T, Y, B, H.

If you’ve already made a booking, then you can upgrade using Avios through Manage My Booking.

Are the Avios refundable if I cancel my booking?

When Avios have been used as part-payment, the Avios will be refundable only where the fare is refundable. Partial refunds of fare and surcharges will be credited to your Avios account up to the value of the original part-payment, with any remainder credited to your original method of payment together with government taxes.