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Extra and overweight baggage

Suitcases and bags.

Don’t get caught out at the airport – plan ahead to save time and money on all your baggage needs.

Extra bags with British Airways

Including OpenSkies and CityFlyer

  • You can take up to a total of ten checked bags per person, excluding infants (children under two). This total includes any free allowance you may have. So, for example, if your flight includes one free checked bag, you can pay to take up to nine additional bags.
  • Get the best price when you pay for extra bags on ba.com at any time before you check in, or just turn up at the airport and pay the airport rate. It’s not possible to pay for extra bags on ba.com during online check-in or afterwards.
  • Each extra bag can be up to the same size and weight as a standard checked bag as described in our checked baggage allowances.
  • Online purchase is not available on a few routes because local airport systems are unable to verify the purchase but you will be able to purchase an extra bag allowance at the airport.
Log in to your booking to pay for extra bags

How much will it cost?

  • If you have an existing booking, log in to Manage My Booking to view prices for your flights*.
  • If you are considering making a future booking, refer to the links below to view our current prices.

*The rate you pay is based on when your ticket is issued. For ba.com bookings that's usually as soon as you make your booking. In some instances, such as travel agent and tour operator bookings, your ticket can be issued at any time, so please contact the booking agent if prices are not available in Manage My Booking.

Current extra bag prices

collapsedshowPrices on flights from Brazil

The following excess baggage charges apply when travelling from Brazil. The charges are regulated by ANAC - National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil.

Extra piece of luggage US$120 for each piece of luggage
Animal in hold US$240 for each animal transported

US$60 for first surfboard

US$120 for each additional surfboard

collapsedshowPrices on flights operated by BA Comair in South Africa
Extra bag charges on flights operated by BA Comair in South Africa Online in advance
extra bag fee (23kg)
At the airport
extra bag fee (23kg)
Domestic flights within SA operated by BA Comair
Regional and international flights operated by BA Comair
collapsedshowPrices from all other locations – bought from 21 March 2016

Previous prices

Overweight bags with British Airways

If you get to the airport and find your bag is over your weight allowance you may be charged extra.

Charges are applied for bags over 23kg and up to 32kg. Bags over 32kg cannot be checked in and must be shipped separately as freight or cargo.

There are no weight limits or overweight charges for personal wheelchairs, mobility aids or medical equipment but please check our disability assistance information for some rules and requirements.

collapsedshowHeavy bag charges on flights operated by BA Comair in South Africa
Heavy bag charges on flights operated by BA Comair in South Africa Heavy bag fee (more than 23kg, up to 32kg)

Domestic flights within SA operated by BA Comair

Regional and international flights operated by BA Comair ZAR500/USD40/MUR1300

Charges are per one way per journey.

collapsedshowCharges on all other flights
Bag weight Charge per bag
23-32kg (51-70lb)


Over 32kg (over 70lb)

Not permitted. Bags over 32kg must be shipped separately as freight or cargo.

How to ship heavy items as cargo

Charges are per one way per journey.


Charges are in UK pounds, US or Canadian dollars, and euros. If you are leaving from a country that uses a different local currency, the UK pounds amount will be converted to the local currency.


Some customers are entitled to a 32kg allowance. See the checked baggage page to work out your allowance.

Extra and overweight baggage on other carriers

Baggage allowances and policies can vary by airline — even if you buy your flights through ba.com. If your journey includes a flight with an airline other than British Airways, the extra and overweight baggage charges may be different:

American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia and Japan Airlines logo.

For details of charges on American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia, and Japan Airlines, please follow the links below. For other airlines, please refer to their websites or contact them directly.

American Airlines
Japan Airlines

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