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London Heathrow Terminal 5

London Heathrow Terminal 5 departures hall.

Enjoy a seamless journey through the airport. With stylish shops, restaurants and luxurious lounges, Terminal 5 will change the way you fly forever.

Whether you’re departing, arriving, connecting or want to know how to get to and from Terminal 5, you will find all the information you need on this page. Maps to help you find your way around the airport are available on the Heathrow website.

British Airways flights also operate to and from London Heathrow Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, as well as London City and London Gatwick airports. Check which London airport and terminal your British Airways flight will depart from or arrive into.


The departures area is located on the top floor of Terminal 5 and the following times must be met to ensure you do not miss your flight:

  • Check in no later than 45 minutes before your flight departs
  • Enter Security at least 35 minutes before your flight departs
  • Be at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes before your flight departs


London Heathrow is a large airport and for international flights it usually takes about 40 minutes to get to the Arrivals hall.

Flight connections

Purple flight connections.

If you have an onward flight you can find out more about connecting at London Heathrow on our flight connections page.

Connecting at London Heathrow airport

Getting to and from the airport

collapsedshowTransport links collapsedshowDriving

Terminal 5 is on the Western Perimeter Road and has its own separate access road, reached from junction 14 of the M25 (if you're coming from the M4, exit at junction 4b and follow the M25 south to junction 14). The postcode for satellite navigation is TW6 2GA. If you are meeting someone from an arriving flight you must use the Short Stay Car Park or if you are bringing someone to the airport follow the signs for 'Departures' to drop them off.

collapsedshowAirport parking at Heathrow Terminal 5

Make your journey easier with our parking partners. Leave your car at a nearby car park with quick transfers, drop it off right outside the terminal with valet parking, or combine an overnight stay with parking and transfers at an airport hotel.

  • Earn 5 Avios per £1 spent when you pre-book car parking
  • Earn 250 Avios when you pre-book valet parking
  • Secure and convenient

Find out more about parking and book

Find out more about valet parking and book

Special assistance

If you need additional help for your journey, e.g. for getting through the airport, boarding the aircraft, or reaching your onward travel connections, please let us know at least 48 hours before you travel through Manage My Booking and we can arrange this for you.

Help points can be found:

  • Before Security: in all Long and Short Stay car parks, in the terminal forecourt and check-in Zone G in Departures
  • After Security: British Airways Dover Room opposite Harrods
  • The Lichfield Suite (Changing Places) offers additional facilities for travellers with more severe physical or learning disabilities, e.g. a height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench, hoist and showers. It is located in Terminal 5A opposite Gate 20 and 21.

Find out more about British Airways special assistance

Help and contacts

Ground crew talking to customer.

For queries regarding your journey see our FAQs and contact information.

Help and contacts

Airport hotels

Couple with luggage at hotel.

If you need to stay overnight, we offer a wide range of conveniently located and easily accessible hotels.

London Heathrow airport hotels