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Hold your flight price for 72 hours


August 2014

Have you ever seen flights at the price you want, but you're not ready to commit? You can now hold your flights and the price for up to 72 hours on ba.com. Shorthaul flights can be held for £5 ($5/€5) per person and longhaul flights for £10 ($10/€10) per person.

Your flights won’t sell out and the price won’t go up while you make your decision, and once you pay for your booking, we’ll refund the fee you paid.

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collapsedshowNew codeshare partnership between British Airways and Vueling

June 2014

British Airways and Vueling Airlines have started a codeshare partnership to give you access to new destinations and many more routes across Europe.

This significant move for the two International Airlines Group (IAG) airlines heralds the beginning of a closer relationship, with more codeshare routes planned for the future.

As a British Airways customer, you'll be able to book Vueling flights on ba.com and collect Avios on these bookings. The codeshare routes are mainly from Vueling’s operation in Italy, with the new destinations of Brindisi, Palermo, Lamezia, Valencia, Split and Nantes available via Vueling’s Rome base. Also in Spain, there are new routes available: Heathrow to Bilbao and La Coruña, Cardiff to Malaga and Alicante, and Edinburgh to Barcelona. Other routes in the new codeshare partnership include Paris Orly to Catania, Barcelona to Naples, Brussels to Venice and Copenhagen to Florence.

Tickets for the new codeshare routes will go on sale on 17 June 2014 for travel from 24 June 2014.

collapsedshowMy Flightpath - your own personal travelogue
Screenshot of My Flightpath on ba.com.

May 2014

British Airways has launched a new online tool - 'My Flightpath’, which gives you your own personal travelogue.

If you're a Member of the British Airways Executive Club, log on now to see a timeline of all the flights you've taken since you joined. It brings together the destinations and countries that you've flown to most frequently and charts it all on a map.

Every wondered if you've flown around the world yet? By using 'My Flightpath' you'll be able to see how many miles you've flown on British Airways since joining the Executive Club and how many times round the world that would be.

Within 'My Flightpath', you'll also find ‘My Passport’ where you'll be awarded milestone stamps for the number of countries or flights flown. These milestones can also be shared with friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Ian Romanis, head of customer engagement, said: “We wanted to give customers something that would help them to capture the magic of flying and we’re sure they will enjoy sharing their travelling milestones with their friends.”

If you're already a Member of the Executive Club you can see 'My Flightpath' by logging into your account. If you're not yet a member of the Executive Club, it's easy to join. When you start flying on British Airways flights, you'll see the miles clock up towards your first circuit of the world.

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collapsedshowoneworld welcomes SriLankan Airlines
SriLankan Airlines aircraft in flight.

May 2014

SriLankan Airlines has joined oneworld with effect from 1 May 2014.

SriLankan Airlines is the national airline of Sri Lanka. The airline currently operated to 32 destinations in 20 countries. With a fleet of over 20 aircraft, they cover a vast area of South Asia.

If you're a member of the Executive Club, make sure you collect your Avios and Tier Points if you fly on a SriLankan Airlines flight.

collapsedshowNew codeshare partnership between British Airways and Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways aircraft on the ground.

April 2014

British Airways has announced a new codeshare agreement with Qatar Airways.

The new agreement is available for sale on variety of Qatar Airways' routes covering the Middle East and North Africa.

The first date of travel for the new codeshare flights is 8 April 2014.

Qatar Airways has a network of over 100 routes, with a large modern fleet of over 100 aircraft.

If you are an Executive Club Member you'll soon be able to collect Avios when you fly on a British Airways codeshare flight on the Qatar Airways network.

collapsedshowoneworld welcomes US Airways and TAM Airlines
US Airways aircraft in flight.

March 2014

US Airways has joined oneworld with effect from 31 March 2014. US Airways is the fifth largest airline in the USA and one of the 30 largest in the world. With its regional affiliates, it serves more than 200 destinations and 30 countries with a fleet of more than 625 aircraft. It carried 82.5 million passengers in 2012 and currently operates 3,200 departures a day.

It will add 60 destinations to the oneworld map - most in its US home but also three in Canada and one in Mexico. Along with its key hubs of Charlotte, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington DC’s Reagan National, US Airways will expand oneworld’s presence across the USA, particularly throughout the East Coast and across the North Atlantic.

If you're a member of the Executive Club, make sure you collect your Avios and Tier Points if you fly on a US Airways flight.

TAM Airlines aircraft in flight.

March 2014

TAM Airlines has joined oneworld with effect from 31 Mar 2014. Founded in 1976, TAM has over 60 domestic and international destinations. The membership of oneworld means that if you are a British Airways Executive Club Member, you'll be able to collect Avios and Tier Points when you take a TAM Airlines flight.

collapsedshowNew Twilight and early check-in at Edinburgh

March 2014

We've made some changes at Edinburgh airport to make check-in easier for you. British Airways check-in now opens at 04:30 every day, so you can check in at any time for any flight on the same day and we'll look after your baggage in a secure area. This service will be available until 20:00.

Also from 20:00 each day at Edinburgh airport, Twilight check-in allows you to check in the day before your booked flight, if it is departing up to 09:30 the next day. If you'd like to drop your baggage off the night before, we'll be able to accept baggage from 16:00 until 20:00 the night before you travel.

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collapsedshowoneworld welcomes Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways aircraft.

October 2013

Qatar Airways became part of oneworld on 30 October 2013. It joined only a year after receiving its invitation, which makes it one of the fastest oneworld entries in the alliance’s history.

Qatar Airways serves more than 130 destinations in 70 countries across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Australasia and is oneworld's second member airline based in the Middle East.

More than 20 of its destinations and five countries - Ethiopia, Iran, Rwanda, Serbia and Tanzania - will be new to the oneworld map, and passengers flying between Asia and Southern Europe or between Asia and Africa will now have convenient new one-stop connections.

oneworld now serves almost a thousand airports in more than 150 countries, with 14,000 daily departures. It also carries 475 million passengers a year on a combined fleet of some 3,300 aircraft.

collapsedshowNew frequent flyer partnership with Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways aircraft.

September 2013

If you're a member of the British Airways Executive Club, you can now collect Avios on yet another partner airline.

From 2 Sep 2013, you can collect Avios when you fly on any Qatar Airways flight. With a vast network across the Middle East and beyond, there's plenty of opportunity to include Qatar Airways as one of your preferred airlines.

Qatar Airways was named as Skytrax's Best Middle East Airline for the seven years running and has been awarded the Skytrax's Five Star ranking since 2004. Other recent awards include Business Traveler USA's Best Airline for International Travel and Aviation Business' Airline of the Year 2011.

Qatar Airways was invited to join oneworld in October 2012 and is expected to become a member of the alliance in late 2013.

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collapsedshowBritish Airways introduces 'save payment card' option

June 2013

ba.com has introduced the option for you to save your payment card details when you register and create an online account.

It means booking tickets is quicker and easier without having to add your details each and every time you use the website.

During the booking process you will be given the option to register your details to create an account. After registering and completing your booking information you will then be able to take advantage of the new 'save payment card option'.

Customers that are Members of the Executive Club can enter their account login details at this point and also take advantage of this function.

You can save up to nine payment cards and ba.com have been careful to ensure that the information is properly encoded so in effect it is safer storing your details on ba.com than it is entering them over the internet.

collapsedshowNew codeshare partnership between British Airways and Bangkok Airways
Bangkok Airways aircraft.

June 2013

British Airways has today announced a new codeshare agreement with Bangkok Airways.

The new agreement is available for sale on four of Bangkok Airways' routes:

  • Bangkok to Phuket
  • Bangkok to Koh Samui
  • Bangkok to Chiang Mai
  • Singapore to Koh Samui

The first date of travel for the new codeshare flights is 4 June 2013, and the routes can be sold as a connection with British Airways flights.

Bangkok Airways currently has a network of over 20 routes, many covering the resort destinations in Thailand. They also are hoping to launch more international destinations soon.

If you are an Executive Club Member you'll soon be able to collect Avios when you fly on a British Airways codeshare flight on the Bangkok Airways network.

collapsedshowOur latest route news - updated June 2014

Find out about our new routes, and also where we're making changes to our routes.

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