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Holidays by BA

Holidays by BA
Explanation of flight class
Ticket type

2 Adults, 1 Room

Explanation of flight class
Ticket type
Explanation of ticket type

2 Adults, 1 Room

Explanation of flight class
Ticket type
Explanation of ticket type

1 Adult


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UK & Ireland

DestinationPrices from 
London£199 returnBusiness classFind
Jersey£199 returnBusiness classFind
Dublin£290 returnBusiness classFind


DestinationPrices from 
Amsterdam£189 returnBusiness classFind
Vienna£197 returnBusiness classFind
Venice£198 returnBusiness classFind
Berlin£203 returnBusiness classFind
Barcelona£216 returnBusiness classFind

North America

DestinationPrices from 
New York£1399 returnBusiness classFind
Chicago£1399 returnBusiness classFind
Philadelphia£1403 returnBusiness classFind
Montreal£1435 returnBusiness classFind
Boston£1479 returnBusiness classFind

Far East and Australia

Traditional dress and food in Japan.
DestinationPrices from 
Beijing£1799Business classFind
Tokyo£2042Business classFind
Chengdu£2073Business classFind
Bangkok£2200Business classFind
Shanghai£2299Business classFind

South America and Caribbean

Rio de Janeiro.
DestinationPrices from 
Jamaica£1196 returnBusiness classFind
Dominican Republic£1300 returnBusiness classFind
Barbados£1395 returnBusiness classFind
Tobago£1395 returnBusiness classFind
Grenada£1397 returnBusiness classFind
Antigua£1398 returnBusiness classFind
St Kitts & Nevis£1502 returnBusiness classFind


Kenya Masaii Warrior.
DestinationPrices from 
Marrakech£245 returnBusiness classFind
Cairo£1150 returnBusiness classFind
Nairobi£2101 returnBusiness classFind
Johannesburg£2630 returnBusiness classFind
Cape Town£2995 returnBusiness classFind
Accra£3784 returnBusiness classFind
Lagos£4274 returnBusiness classFind

Middle East

Desert in Abu Dhabi.
DestinationPrices from 
Amman£1006 returnBusiness classFind
Tel Aviv£1050 returnBusiness classFind
Beirut£1281 returnBusiness classFind
Muscat£1599 returnBusiness classFind
Abu Dhabi£1650 returnBusiness classFind

South and Central Asia

DestinationPrices from 
Bangalore£1753 returnBusiness classFind
Delhi£1801 returnBusiness classFind
Mumbai£1850 returnBusiness classFind
Hyderabad£1951 returnBusiness classFind
Chennai£1954 returnBusiness classFind

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Terms and Conditions

  • These are the lowest adult return prices to selected destinations including taxes, fees and carrier charges available in this period, based on a 7-day return journey.
  • Prices and availability are updated every 24 hours.
  • Seat availability may be extremely limited at the prices quoted, and some fares may include journeys that involve connecting flights or services operated by our airline partners.