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Holidays by BA

Holidays by BA
Explanation of flight class
Ticket type

2 Adults, 1 Room

Explanation of flight class
Ticket type
Explanation of ticket type

2 Adults, 1 Room

Explanation of flight class
Ticket type
Explanation of ticket type

1 Adult


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Why BA?

Fly with British Airways and enjoy award-winning service, excellent value for money and no hidden charges:

  • Frequent flights to over 140 destinations.
  • Flexible fares to suit your travel plans and budget.
  • Generous free hand baggage allowance.
  • Free drinks and snacks, with full meals on longer flights.
  • Airport, online or mobile check-in.

Great fares to worldwide destinations

North America

DestinationPrices from 
New York£355 returnFind
Toronto£374 returnFind
Orlando£375 returnFind
Boston£377 returnFind
Chicago£377 returnFind
Philadelphia£387 returnFind
San Francisco£388 returnFind

Far East and Asia

Traditional dress and food in Japan.
DestinationPrices from 
Hong Kong£448 returnFind
Beijing£478 returnFind
Chengdu£484 returnFind
Shanghai£489 returnFind
Bangkok£498 returnFind
Kuala Lumpur£500 returnFind
Singapore£519 returnFind

South America

Rio de Janeiro.
DestinationPrices from 
Dominican Republic£57 returnFind
Mexico City£397 returnFind
Tobago£478 returnFind
Grenada£478 returnFind
Barbados£479 returnFind
Antigua£479 returnFind
St Lucia£479 returnFind


Kenya Masaii Warrior.
DestinationPrices from 
Marrakech£100 returnFind
Algiers£159 returnFind
Cairo£340 returnFind
Nairobi£495 returnFind
Lagos£508 returnFind
Abuja£559 returnFind
Johannesburg£597 returnFind

Middle East

Desert in Abu Dhabi.
DestinationPrices from 
Beirut£299 returnFind
Tel Aviv£301 returnFind
Muscat£349 returnFind
Dubai£358 returnFind
Abu Dhabi£379 returnFind
Doha£399 returnFind
Bahrain£399 returnFind

South and Central Asia

DestinationPrices from 
Mumbai£420 returnFind
Delhi£428 returnFind
Chennai£506 returnFind
Bangalore£512 returnFind
Hyderabad£519 returnFind
Maldives£655 returnFind
BA IB image of south america.

Central and South America

Experience the diversity of these enchanting lands.

British Airways and Iberia offer superior network transfers to 28 destinations in Central and Latin America alone.

Terms and Conditions

  • These are the lowest adult return prices to selected destinations including taxes, fees and carrier charges available in this period, based on a 7-day return journey.
  • Prices and availability are updated every 24 hours.
  • Seat availability may be extremely limited at the prices quoted, and some fares may include journeys that involve connecting flights or services operated by our airline partners.