A Very British Airline

British Airways is to star in a new BBC Two observation documentary series which gives a unique behind the scenes look at the airline and its staff.

The series, named A Very British Airline, will follow the airline’s staff in the UK and overseas as they launch a new route to China, introduce their first A380 and train new pilot and cabin crew recruits.  It also shines a light on some of the mysteries of how the airline’s staff looks the 110,000 customers that choose to fly with the airline every day.

Each hour-long episode will be broadcast on BBC Two at 9pm over three weeks, starting on Monday, June 2. The series has been produced by Lion TV.

In episode one the viewer is introduced to a group of new cabin crew recruits as they embark on the six-week intensive training course to see if they have what it takes to serve the airline’s customers at 35,000 feet. The programme also shows the arrival of BA’s first A380 and follows the preparations for the airline’s inaugural Superjumbo service to Los Angeles.

Back at Heathrow the documentary shows the previously unseen work of British Airways engineers as they work through the night to keep the airline’s fleet of aircraft in tip-top condition.

Episode two has an international flavour as the viewer is transported to Chengdu to see how the airline launches new flights to one of China’s largest cities and the home of the Giant Panda. On the other side of the world in New York we see the British Airways team at JFK airport as they battle to keep customers flying during a snow storm.

In the final episode viewers are given a unique behind the scenes look at how the airline operates its schedule of 800 flights a day. Baggage handlers, customer service agents, turnround managers and engineers are just some of the staff who are shown playing their part in the huge jigsaw. We also get to see the airline’s operations teams pull out all the stops to send a cargo aircraft packed full of aid out to the Philippines following the destructive Typhoon.

The third episode also follows two cadet pilots as they complete their training at British Airways before operating their first flights.


Episode one – Monday June 2, 2014, BBC Two 9pm
Episode two – Monday June 9, 2014, BBC Two 9pm
Episode three – Monday June 16, 2014, BBC Two 9pm

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