Kammy Cameo For Brazil Video

TV presenter and sports commentator Chris ‘Kammy’ Kamara is substituting football for a high-flying career in linguistics! The much-loved pundit is helping tens of thousands of British Airways customers travelling to Brazil this summer, by producing a guide to the local language.

‘Learn Brazilian-Portuguese with Chris Kamara’ will air exclusively on British Airways flights from Monday 19 May throughout the summer. A preview is now available on the airline’s YouTube page at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVHiJc-nc90&feature=youtu.be

The film shows Kammy, with help from the airline’s Brazilian cabin crew, teaching viewers how to order local drinks and cuisine, as well as sporting lingo including his trademark catchphrase “Unbelievable Jeff!”

Globetrotter Chris Kamara, said: “I’m one of the many people heading to Brazil this summer, so it was great to have personal tuition from the local British Airways cabin crew to learn the essentials – you know, how to order an ice-cold beer, or a caipirinha! I hope viewers will find it informative, if not entertaining.”

Brazilian cabin crew member Cristina Moraes Coelho, who coached Kammy said: “Chris was very good fun and a great student. He was almost fluent by the end of it!”

Some of the handy phrases included in the video are:

English:  Offside!
Brazilian-Portuguese: Impedimento!
Phonetic: Eempeydeementoo

English: It’s like watching Brazil
Brazilian-Portuguese: É como se visse o Brasil jogar
Phonetic: Ayh coulmoo say veesay ooh Braseel jeougarr

English:  Goooooaaaaallllllllllllllll!
Brazilian-Portuguese: Gooooooaaaaallllllllllllllll!

English:  A cold beer please 
Brazilian-Portuguese: Uma cerveja bem gelada, por favor
Phonetic: Oomah sirvayjah bain jayladah pour fahvour

English:  Pie please
Brazilian-Portuguese: Torta, por favour
Phonetic: Tourtahs pour fahvour

The film can be found in the ‘Sports’ category of the airline’s extensive ‘video on demand’ library on board flights.

Fares to Rio de Janeiro start from £832 return, available at ba.com. Follow the airline on
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