Growing Old Pacefully

· Silver Fox travellers among the most adventurous
· Seventy year olds seek romantic escapes more than any age group
· Most sports breaks taken by forty year olds
· Sixty year olds are the most commitment free
· Off the beaten track holidays most popular with fifty year olds

To celebrate its fortieth anniversary, British Airways has undertaken research of 2,000 people aged 20-70+, to see if life beings at forty. The old adage that we’re living longer, travelling further and staying younger than ever before rings true according to the findings, which reveal that spontaneous travel increases with age.

Although forty-something’s are the age most likely to take family holidays, they are also the most likely to book sporting breaks, seek glamorous destinations, and partake in ‘dark tourism’ (travel to macabre places). By contrast those in there thirties were the biggest beach goers, the fifty age bracket most likely to get off the beaten track, and those aged seventy or older were more likely to seek romantic holidays than any other age group!

When asked what the benefit of being a seasoned traveller is, those in their forties felt grateful that they could still see the world while active, while fifty-something’s said it was having the money to travel in style.

Of all age groups however, it’s the forty year old that is most likely to have the biggest group of friends to go away with, while those in their twenties and sixties found common ground in being commitment free.

When it comes to life beginning at forty, looking back, most 50-70 year olds would agree (53 per cent) it does, however looking ahead only 32 per cent of 20-40 year olds agreed.

British Airways celebrates its fortieth anniversary this April, following the merger of BOAC and BEA in 1974.

To celebrate, the airline has created special ‘Ruby Murray’ curry dishes available on selected flights for the month, as well as recreating classic photos from 1974 to mark the occasion.


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