Italy’s historic sights are astounding, from the Colosseum in the eternal city Rome to Milan’s soaring Gothic Duomo cathedral. From the top of the Leaning Tower, Pisa’s cityscape unfolds, and art-lovers can look for their favourite Renaissance paintings in Florence. Whizz down the slopes of the soaring Dolomites or drive through the olive groves of Tuscany for a taste of diverse scenery.



Throw a coin into Rome’s Trevi Fountain at midnight, or glide down a Venice canal in a gondola. Romeo and Juliet was set in elegant Verona; practice serenading from under the famous balcony at the 12th-century Juliet’s House. From Bari's medieval alleyways, follow the curvaceous palm-edged promenade to moored fishing boats for a romantic picnic.



Watch the bellowing volcano Mount Etna glowering over Catania. Kids of all ages will love Gardaland amusement park near Verona, and they can get up close to sharks in Genoa's aquarium. Dip into the warm waters along the Amalfi Coast overlooked by craggy cliffs. Turin's belle poque cafés are the place to fill the kids up with the city's famous chocolaty goodies.



In vibrant Naples, start your evening in trattorias in historic Spaccanapolis. In glamorous Milan, dress to kill and sip decadent cocktails with model-like locals. Hear Italian opera in their rightful home, at Rome’s 19th-century Teatro dellOpera. If you prefer your nightlife a little more earthy, try university town Bologna, where bars and clubs are packed with a young term-time crowd.