Frequently asked questions

collapsedshowCan I get a refund?

If you change your mind you can request a full refund for your meal up until 24 hours before your flight's scheduled time of departure.

collapsedshowWhat if I want to change my meal?

You can change your meal up until 24 hours before your flight's scheduled time of departure.  If you change to a higher priced option there will be an additional payment to make and if you change to a lower priced option, we will refund you the difference.

collapsedshowIs my meal guaranteed?

We do all we can to deliver the meal you have booked, but there may be very rare occasions where we are unable to, in which case you will be entitled to a full refund.

collapsedshowWhat is included in the World Traveller meal?
  • On all long haul flights, British Airways will supply a full meal service suited to the time of day and length of flight, so you may be offered more than one meal.
  • The primary standard meal typically consists of three courses. If you purchase one of our more indulgent meals from our online menu, it will replace the standard meal on your flight. Any other meal services will still be offered to you.
collapsedshowAre drinks included?

Complimentary drinks are served to everyone, regardless of their meal selection.

collapsedshowWill I get the meal I've ordered online as well as the standard World Traveller meal?

No, the standard on-board meal is replaced with the meal you choose from our menu online. Any additional meal services will still be offered to you as normal.

collapsedshowWhat if I have a specific dietary requirement?
  • You can see the allergen information alongside the meal description for each of our specially designed meals which are available to order online.
  • If you have medical dietary requirements, we recommend that you request a special meal from our range via Manage My Booking.
collapsedshowWhat time is my meal served?

Your meal will be served with the main meal service on your flight.

collapsedshowCan I have a child meal?
  • If you are travelling with children, you can request a complimentary special meal in advance.
  • At the moment, we do not offer meals designed for children from our wider selection menu.
collapsedshowCan I order my meal for every leg of my journey?

Not at the moment as the advance order service is being offered on selected flight from the UK initially. We expect to make the service more widely available in the future.

collapsedshowDo I have to pre-order for everyone in my party?

No, you can order for some or all people in your booking.

collapsedshowDo all orders need to be made at the same time?

No, you can order for different people at any time up to 24 hours before your flight's scheduled departure.

collapsedshowWhen is payment taken for my food order?

You'll be required to pay for your meal when you place your order online.

collapsedshowWhat is the earliest time I can order my food?

You can order your meal in advance from approximately 30 days up to 24 hours before your flight's scheduled departure.

collapsedshowWhat if I don't enjoy my meal?

Whilst we hope that you will be more than happy with your meal, if it's not to your complete satisfaction, please let the cabin crew know.

collapsedshowHow do I claim a refund for my meal?
collapsedshowCan I order my meal when I check in?

Unfortunately not as we need 24 hours advance notice to be able to deliver your order to the aircraft in time.

collapsedshowCan I buy these meals when I get on board?

We don't offer our wider selection of meals for purchase on-board as there is limited space to store them. That is why they are available to order exclusively online.

collapsedshowWhat if I don't want to buy a meal?

You don't have to pay for a more indulgent meal as you will be offered a complimentary standard meal on-board.

collapsedshowIs there any cost for the standard meal?

No, the standard meal served is complimentary, along with other meal services and drinks served on board.