Why BA Holidays?

Plan and book your holiday with British Airways, online or by phone. Enjoy all these great benefits:

  • Combine and save - book your flight + hotel or flight + car rental together for the best deals
  • Choose from a wide range of hotels
  • 24-hour support helpline
  • Low online deposits
  • All holidays booked on ba.com are protected, giving you peace of mind whilst on holiday

Family holidays

We know that if your kids are happy you’ll be just as contented too, so we’ve carefully selected a range of family-friendly hotels where all your needs are catered for.

Our family-friendly hotels all feature fantastic kids clubs with lots to keep your little ones entertained. Most resorts also offer spacious rooms to accommodate the whole family – some of which are themed. Look out for our free kids offers, which are available at certain times of the year. Our All Inclusive holidays are also particularly appealing and offer a reassuring choice for families, as almost everything is covered in the cost. Book early and secure your family holiday with our low deposits.


Discover more of our villas from across Europe

From small properties perfect for the two of you to our larger villas to fit the whole family.

Enjoy the space and freedom villa holidays allow, including relaxing by the pool. Did you know almost all of our villa holidays include private pools, bliss.

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Harry Potter Tour.

For Harry Potter fans…

From tours of the movie franchise filming locations to ideally-located hotels, let us provide everything you need for a spellbinding London holiday filled with magic!

collapsedshowWhat to see: Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

What to see: Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Wander through Diagon Alley and visit the Great Hall… The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is a behind-the-scenes walking tour featuring authentic sets, costumes and props from the Harry Potter film series. Discover the secrets behind the films’ incredible visual effects and even try out the green-screen technology used, for yourself.

collapsedshowWhere else to stay: the best of the rest
Amba Hotel Charing Cross.

Where else to stay: the best of the rest

Our recommended hotels for Harry Potter lovers:

Stay close to the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron™ in the newly refurbished Amba Hotel Charing Cross or keep an eye out for Death Eaters™ flying over Millennium Bridge from the Grange Hotel St Pauls.

collapsedshowWhere to go: complete your Harry Potter experience
Platform 9 3/4

Where to go: complete your Harry Potter experience

If you’re passing through London’s central King’s Cross station, be sure to stop at ‘Platform 9 3/4’ for an unmissable photo opportunity by the commemorative luggage trolley that can be seen disappearing into the wall.

Stress free flights with children are possible

Family testing toys in World Traveller.

Dr Vivian Hill shares her top tips

  • Have drinks to hand they can sip on for take off and landing.
  • Buy new toys and games for the flight as newer toys entertain them for longer.
  • Bring out different toys at regular intervals. Wrapping them and giving them as presents works really well.
  • Concentrate on packing activities as opposed to static objects such as dolls and cuddly toys.
  • Think of games with extended play. Finger puppets and activity cards can be drawn out to last a lot longer.
  • Think about games that you don't need to carry. Verbal games like I Spy and Twenty Questions are good ways to pass the time.
  • If it's an evening or night flight take pyjamas. Getting children ready for bed will help avoid disrupting their sleep pattern.
Professor Robert Winston leads study on top toys to take a plane.

British Airways top ten toys to take on a plane:

1. Loom Bands

2. Playdoh

3. Lego

4. Top Trumps

5. Uno

6. Usborne Activity Cards

7. Magnetic travel game

8. Aquadoodle!

9. Finger puppets

10. Sticker book

Where families come first

Eiffel Tower Paris.


Spend family holidays on the beaches and eat out in family-friendly tavernas or bring the history books to life and wander around the extraordinary sites our European cities behold.

Child in swimming pool.

North America

With so much for families to do in the USA and Canada it’s very easy to tire the kids out. We have some great family-friendly hotels too – complete with large swimming pools and water slides.

Father and child in hammock.


The Caribbean is a perfect destination for family holidays – enjoy the clean sands, snorkel-friendly surf and endless water sports guaranteed to inject some fun into your family holiday. 

Family playing on beach.

Middle East

Flight times from London are shorter than many long-haul routes and the time difference is kinder too. Choose our family-friendly resorts, which offer fantastic facilities and plenty of shaded activities.

Children on a fairground ride.


On family holidays in the UK the possibilities are endless – visit captivating attractions, pack a picnic for the park, catch a musical or hire a car and explore the countryside and the glorious beaches.