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We can help you get to more than 170 destinations worldwide from the three London airports (London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London City). Whether you're thinking of a weekend break in Europe or exploring the ancient cultures of Asia we can take you there.


Flights in August

DestinationPrices from
Mexico CityCHF923 return
BeijingCHF957 return
Rio de JaneiroCHF1143 return
Buenos AiresCHF1312 return

Flights in September

DestinationPrices from
BeijingCHF667 return
JohannesburgCHF694 return
AccraCHF754 return
ChennaiCHF770 return
Abu DhabiCHF784 return
DubaiCHF784 return
TokyoCHF802 return
New YorkCHF805 return

Airbus A380

Our new A380's are flying to these destinations
Airbus A380.
DestinationPrices from
Washington DCCHF640 return
JohannesburgCHF678 return
Hong KongCHF725 return
Los AngelesCHF824 return
SingaporeCHF693 return

*Washington from September 2014
*Singapore from October 2014

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Boeing 787

Our new B787's are flying to these destinations
Boeing 787.
DestinationPrices from
ChengduCHF667 return
HyderabadCHF727 return
New YorkCHF733 return
ChennaiCHF770 return
Austin, TexasCHF827 return
CalgaryCHF750 return

*Philadelphia from 5 June 2014
*Calgary from 5 July 2014
*Chennai from October 2014

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