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What is Price Promise?

We always endeavour to give you the best price when you visit What’s more, if you book a flight with us and you find the same British Airways operated flight for less on another retail website other than (by midnight on the day of purchase) we promise to refund you the difference, subject to Terms and Conditions below.

How to make a claim:

  1. Ensure you made your booking on
  2. Take a screenshot of the page with competing fare (click to see an example)
  3. Fill out the form below
collapsedshowTerms and conditions


  1. To be eligible for a Price Promise Refund (PPR) offer you must have booked and made full payment for a Qualifying Flight(s) at using a credit or debit card or PayPal (where available), in the currency of your departure country.
  2. This PPR is subject to you complying with British Airways’ usual Terms and Conditions for the booking of flights online at
  3. If all the conditions set out are satisfied, a refund of the difference between the purchase cost on and the cost of the Lower Online Fare will be credited to the to the holder of the credit or debit card or PayPal account that was used to pay for the Qualifying Flight at, within 28 days of the claim having been verified by British Airways.
  4. Limited to one claim per booking and paid for in full at - i.e. bookings covering multiple passengers must be submitted as one claim and not separate claims for each passenger.

Requirements and Restrictions

  1. A Qualifying Country means Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, and the US.
  2. A Qualifying Flight means:
    1. a one-way or return point-to-point flight from a Qualifying Country operated by British Airways (including BA Cityflyer and Comair), in any class; or
    2. a connecting flight where you have transferred from and are transferring to a flight operated by British Airways (including BA Cityflyer) where your departure country is a Qualifying Country, in any class where the stop-over period does not exceed 24 hours; or
    3. Flights operated by OpenSkies. 
    4. a flight which is not operated by any of our partner airlines such as American Airlines, Iberia, FinAir and any others. See the full list of our partner airlines here
  3. Return flights must originate and terminate in the same country.  Point-to-point flights are those with the same BA flight number for the whole outbound or inbound journey.  Flights on Sun-Air of Scandinavia, codeshare and alliance airlines, and any journey where the booking is made up of two or more carriers are not eligible for the PPR. The operating airline is stated on the choose your flights page on, in the column labelled ‘Flight Operator’.
  4. To be eligible for a PPR you must have found a bona-fide fare for a flight identical  to the Qualifying Flight on a public point of sale travel website operated in your country of departure, other than at
  5. The fare (including all taxes, fees and charges) plus  any associated booking and card payment fees must be cheaper than the flight purchased through and must be for the same route, with each leg of the trip flown in the same order, for the same dates, for the same flight numbers, in the same class of travel, for the same type of ticket (including fare conditions such as whether tickets are/are not flexible, refundable or changeable and the cost of making such changes) and be sold over the internet in your country of departure, in the currency of the departure country, on the same calendar day (based on the local time of departure country) you purchased your ticket on (the “Lower Online Fare”). The website with the Lower Online Fare must provide capability to book that fare. Websites showing fares but not providing booking capability will not qualify for the PPR. Comparisons will be made based on the same payment type as used on for payment. Where a payment method is not available on the website with the Lower Online Fare the comparison will be based on the nearest comparable payment method as determined by British Airways.
  6. PPR is only applicable to the first booking made; any subsequent changes to an itinerary or booking will not be eligible for a PPR.

Other Exceptions

  1. Price Promise does not apply where:
    1. the Lower Online Fare is offered under any promotion with a third party (including, but not limited to, promotions with newspapers, exhibitions or other special events); or
    2. the Lower Online Fare makes use of fares that are not published and are not available to the general public. These include, but are not limited to: corporate discount fares, staff fares, consolidator fares, wholesaler fares, student fares, closed user group fares and fares where the carrier details are not known until after the purchase; or
    3. the Lower Online Fare has been discounted by the online retailer by use of coupons, loyalty rewards, redemption of frequent flyer miles or similar and other offers or incentives to reduce the total cost; or
    4. the Lower Online Fare is for a travel package with inclusive airfare; or
    5. the difference in cost between the purchase on and the Lower Online Fare is the result of an error by the retailer of the Lower Online Fare; or
    6. British Airways is unable to verify, using reasonable means, that the Lower Online Fare is available. This may be at any time within 2 business days of receiving your claim at the discretion of British Airways; or
    7. you have exercised your right to a refund or have cancelled your booking before you apply for a PPR. British Airways’ usual terms for cancellation and refunds apply.

Claim form

  1. Claims can only be accepted through the online form. No telephone PPR claims will be accepted. Incomplete PPR forms will be ineligible. Forms must be received by no later than midnight on the same day you purchased your flight(s) (based on local time of departure country). BA reserves the right to verify evidence of the Lower Online Fare available for purchase at the lower price. BA is not responsible for any PPR forms which are not received or delayed in transmission.
  2. To be eligible for a PPR you must supply sufficient evidence of the Lower Online Fare in the form of a print out or screen shot of the fare quote page if required to British Airways’ reasonable satisfaction, along with the fare conditions applicable to the Lower Online Fare. You should retain your print out until you have heard from British Airways that this is no longer required as proof.  Evidence must show that the Lower Online Fare was found either on the same day following the booking or within 30 minutes prior to the booking being made. If the claim meets all the Terms and Conditions of Price Promise, a refund of the difference between the purchase cost on and the cost of the Lower Online Fare, will be credited within 28 days of the claim having been verified by British Airways to the holder of the credit or debit card that was used to pay for the booking at A confirmation email will be sent to the cardholder two days prior to the refund being made. A refund will be granted for each ticket within a booking that meets the Terms and Conditions of the Price Promise.
  3. The refund of the difference between the purchase cost on and the total cost of the Lower Online Fare is the sole and exclusive compensation that will be made to qualified claimants who show that British Airways failed to meet the Price Promise.


  1. If your card is not billed in the currency of the refund, your card issuer may use  its own exchange rate and/or apply a fee.

Data protection

The information that you provide to us will only be used to provide you with your PPR or to discuss your PPR request with you. We will destroy this information within 6 months. British Airways will not share your personal information with third parties outside the British Airways Group of companies. For further information on British Airways online privacy policy please click here.

Other conditions

  1. British Airways is the final authority on interpretation of these rules.
  2. British Airways reserves the right to terminate or amend this offer at any time without notice.

Price Promise FAQ

collapsedshowDo I need a screenshot of the fare?

To process a price promise claim we require a screenshot of the travel agent’s website. An example screenshot is available above as a clickable link.

collapsedshowWhat information is required on the screenshot?

To be eligible for a Price Promise claim your screenshot of the website should include as a minimum:

  • Date and time the screenshot was taken;
  • Full itinerary (including all flight numbers);
  • All passengers total costs including credit/debit card charges & booking fees; and
  • Website name/logo.

You may need to take more than one screenshot to capture all of this information

collapsedshowHow do I take a screen-shot with my iPad/ iPhone?

Hold down the power button and at the same time press the home button. Look through your Camera Roll to see if the image has been saved correctly. To find your Cameral Roll just click on the ‘Photos’ app on your home screen.

collapsedshowHow do I take a screen-shot on my PC/Laptop?

Press the Prnt Scrn (PRTSC) button (on some laptops you may have to press the function key at the same time)

collapsedshowHow do I take a screen-shot on my Mac/Macbook?

Press the Command + Shift + 3 buttons together.

collapsedshowHow can I show the Date and Time on my screen-shot on my PC/Laptop?

If the date or time are not shown in the bottom right hand corner of your screen please expand your task bar. This can be achieved by hovering your mouse until the pointer changes to a 2 sided arrow, click and drag the task bar up until the date and time are both revealed.

collapsedshowCan I find the booking class/Fare Rules?

On you can find this information once you have selected your flight. Some travel agent websites also provide this information; this is often found once a flight has been selected and before you input your name and passport details.

collapsedshowWhat is an 'offline booking'?

This term refers to a booking that has not been made directly on a website, for example a ticket that is booked over the telephone or by physically visiting a travel agency.

collapsedshowWhat does ticketing website mean?

A ticketing website is one which allows the customer to purchase a ticket directly from the site. Some comparison sites show the prices of flights but do not allow the customer to purchase a ticket. If you have seen a fare on one of these sites, follow the link to the ticketing website and take the screen-shot from the ticketing site.

collapsedshowHow long will it take for my Price Promise claim to be processed?

We will respond to your claim within 2 business days. However it can take up to 28 days for a refund to be processed following the verification of the claim.

collapsedshowDo I need to show the difference between an adult and child fare on my screenshot?

You are required to show a full breakdown of the fare, with all passengers included.

collapsedshowWhat charges are included in the cost comparison?

When comparing fares, we always compare the total price. This includes any credit/debit card charges and booking fees made by the online travel agent website. If a credit card has been used to make the booking on then the associated charges with that type of card are used in the comparison with the travel agent website.

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