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Our strategy and objectives

Our five strategic goals:

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Be the airline of choice for longhaul premium customers

Longhaul premium customers are key to our profitability. We will use our deep understanding of what is required to be their airline of choice to drive our design choices on product, network and service. We will also maintain a strong presence in the cargo, economy and shorthaul segments, which play a critical supporting role.

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Deliver an outstanding service for customers at every touch point

Our customer-facing staff have long been passionate about delivering outstanding customer service. We want to build on this through a revolution in the way we lead, train and reward, so that all our customers, on all routes and classes, enjoy a premium experience. We will invest both in improvements targeted at our premium customers, such as service style training, and in those benefiting all customers, such as Terminal 5 and

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Grow our presence in key global cities

We aim to provide the best global connectivity for our customers. We will build our presence in the top tier global cities, either directly or through our expanding network of airline partnerships. Whilst the established global cities such as London and New York remain critical, we will place a special emphasis on developing our position in the global cities of tomorrow.

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Build on our leading position in London

London is our home city, the emotional and financial heart of our business. It is also the world’s biggest and most competitive international air market. Ensuring Heathrow remains a world-class hub is vital to give us a strong London base to serve the largest international longhaul markets. To support this, we will look to influence government policy decisions, and work with the airport owners on the continued development of the infrastructure.

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Meet our customers’ needs and improve margins through new revenue streams

Airline revenue streams will always be the core of our business. However, we will look to augment this by building profitable ancillary services that offer customers great value and re-enforce our brand. We will explore how we can develop new products and services which exploit our assets and capabilities, and meet the needs of our core customers and enhance loyalty.

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