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Report of the Safety Review Committee

Members: Ken Smart (Chairman), Baroness Kingsmill, Baroness Symons and Rafael Sánchez-Lozano Turmo (from December 2009).

The Safety Review Committee meets at least four times a year to consider matters relating to the operational safety of the airline and subsidiary airlines, as well as health and safety issues. The full terms of reference are available on the Company’s investor relations website,

The Safety Review Committee reviews reports from the various safety boards within the airline including the senior management’s safety review board. Where appropriate, the Committee also reviews relevant reports published by the UK Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB), major incidents to other operators and external reports. During 2009/10, issues raised at the Safety Review Committee included the:

  • AAIB report into the Boeing 777 short landing at Heathrow on 17 January 2008;
  • Circumstances leading to the Certification Authorities requiring modification to the reverse thrust sensing system on the Boeing 747 fleet to ensure safe operation, following an incident on take-off in May 2009 from Johannesburg; and
  • Learning points for British Airways from the independent review conducted by Charles Haddon Cave QC into the broader issues surrounding the loss of an RAF Nimrod aircraft in 2006 over Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive is the named Accountable Manager for the Company for the purposes of the Air Operators Certificate and EU Ops (EU Ops are prescribed in Annex 111 to EU Regulation No. 3922/1991). As the Accountable Manager, he chairs quarterly meetings of the Safety Review Board with the four Nominated Postholders (the executives responsible to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for safety in the various operational departments of the Company) along with the Director of Safety and Security, the Head of Aviation Safety, the Head of Operational Safety and the Head of Operational Risk and Compliance. These meetings review operational compliance, quality and safety, monitor the effectiveness of the corporate safety management system and agree cross-departmental policy as appropriate.

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