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The way we run our business

The workplace

BA staff

Our restructuring effort has made us more efficient. It has also helped us identify and draw on new talent in the business, helped by the fact that we are now encouraging more people to move between functions to gain wider experience and find new outlets for their skills. To support greater mobility, we have clarified individual and collective roles and responsibilities and now publish accountabilities for all of our top managers on our intranet.

The management of our business

Change must start at the top and during the year we reorganised our top management team, comprising nine directorate heads, led by the Chief Executive. It is now split into two groups – the Management Board and the Customer and Operations Executive.

The Management Board, which meets weekly, is responsible for the vision and strategic direction of the Company.

The Customer and Operations Executive is accountable for day-to-day customer service, operational performance and ensuring the highest standards of safety. This group also meets weekly.

Legal, director of safety and security and director of investments also report to the Chief Executive.

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