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We need great leaders to help us contend with current trading conditions and achieve our long-term vision. A leading global premium airline must be bold and highly effective in developing present and potential leaders.

This is why we introduced our High Performance Leadership (HPL) system during the year. This is an integrated system, linking business strategy, objective setting, performance assessment, development and reward. Focused initially on the senior leaders, HPL has rigorous assessment mechanisms to identify talented leaders and to provide them with the right tools and support to continue developing.

We have also defined, communicated and begun to measure individual performance against three capabilities we think we need in our leaders, in addition to operational excellence:

  • Communicating a common vision;
  • Agreeing accountabilities; and
  • Motivating and inspiring others.

For each capability, specific behaviours have been developed so that leaders understand exactly what is expected of them and we are supporting them with a range of development programmes, including executive coaching, networks, forums and external courses. We are also using new techniques to measure performance. These will allow us to monitor individual progress and track our own overall success at managing talent.

Among the other leadership initiatives we launched were:

  • Behaviours for Success – a leadership development programme for the HPL community, focusing on understanding and developing personal leadership performance;
  • Leadership Matters – a scheme to identify and develop leaders who have pivotal roles in the Customer and Operations areas of our business; and
  • A Leadership Development Portfolio that will be introduced this year with the aim of supporting current and potential leaders at every level of the business, including emerging leaders, those on a fast track to senior positions and those with strategic roles at the very top of our organisation.
“Change must start at the top and during the year we reorganised our top management team, comprising nine directorate heads, led by the Chief Executive.”

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