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The way we run our business

The workplace

Management structure diagram

We are re-inventing the way we work at British Airways. We are creating a leaner organisation with a distinctive, high-performing culture through our flagship change programme, Compete 2012.

Over the next three years, this programme will help us to achieve our vision of becoming the world’s leading global premium airline.

It will affect the way we interact with each other, how we measure individual performance and how we promote, develop and reward talent. Coupled with our commitment to be a responsible airline, it will also help us achieve our ambitious environmental targets, put our relationship with key suppliers on a new footing and continue our tradition of supporting communities in useful and imaginative ways.

Restructuring management

While Compete 2012 is a long-term change programme, current market conditions have made it imperative to move fast to create a leaner, more agile structure starting at the very top of our business.

In December 2008, a third of our managers left the business under a voluntary severance scheme. At the same time we redesigned the organisation to promote greater customer focus and better governance and leadership.

This restructuring effort has made us more efficient. It has also helped us identify and draw on new talent in the business, helped by the fact that we are now encouraging more people to move between functions to gain wider experience and find new outlets for their skills. To support greater mobility, we have clarified individual and collective roles and responsibilities and now publish accountabilities for all of our top managers on our intranet.

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