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Our strategy and objectives

As discussed in the Chief Executive’s review, we have set our sights on being the world’s leading global premium airline.

The decisions we are taking now will determine how strongly we emerge from the downturn. The airline industry is in a period of unprecedented change and we have developed a clear vision for our business.

This vision is guiding us in how we deal with current market conditions and in how we go about building a sustainable future for our business.


What we offer will appeal to customers across the globe. Wherever we operate, individuals and business travellers alike will want to fly with us whenever they can.


We will make sure all our customers enjoy a unique premium service whenever and wherever they come into contact with us. Our customers will recognise that the service we offer is worth paying that little bit more for.


We will remain focused on aviation, moving people and cargo is our core business. We will develop new products and services to complement this.