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The way we run our business

The marketplace

Mobile phone check in

Almost a third of all our bookings are now made on, with almost half of all European leisure fares sold via the UK site. This year we introduced a new feature allowing customers to upgrade their booking at any time between buying a ticket and checking-in online.

A large number of our passengers now check-in online. They clearly enjoy the convenience of this service. For that reason we have now launched a new popular service, allowing customers to check-in or access real time arrivals and departures information through their mobiles.


BA World Cargo continues to focus on providing premium products. We have improved the ‘Prioritise’ (express) service through advancements in the new ‘cool chain’ technology. New services such as scanning for airmail and direct airport-to-door deliveries are just some of the improved solutions we are now offering shippers.

BA World Cargo also continues to play a leading role in simplifying the international supply chain. We are fully committed to the IATA coordinated e-freight initiative. Not only have we played an important role in formulating guidance for participating airlines, we were also the first European carrier to use e-freight between Heathrow and New York.

Overseas branches

We fly to a number of destinations around the world. In addition to the overseas branches we have established in many of these countries, we have branches in countries to which we do not fly.

Suppliers, partners and alliances


Overall supplier costs, excluding fuel, were up nearly 7 per cent year on year, reflecting significant inflationary pressures on suppliers’ own costs. In continuing to control our costs, we have decided to prioritise those projects that really add value to the customer proposition.

Goods and services are procured through a strategic sourcing process. We use benchmarking principles to make sure we derive the maximum value from them, both at the point of purchase and over the life of the supply contract.

During the year we signed major in-flight catering agreements with three suppliers, all of which will come into effect from April 1, 2010. We believe these agreements will set a new benchmark for high-quality airline catering. Using three suppliers will also help us to minimise our exposure to supplier failure.

We continued to reduce our carbon footprint with the delivery of the first of our new Boeing 777 aircraft during the year. Lower fuel burn and reduced environmental impact were key factors in our choice of aircraft.

In addition, we have selected the Thales in-flight entertainment system for all new aircraft delivered from 2010. With bigger screens, the multimedia system will give customers access to over 100 movies, 300 programmes and 400 CDs as well as a range of radio programmes and podcasts whenever they want. The system is lighter so will also help us reduce aircraft weight and use less fuel.

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