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Recruiting Mixed Fleet Customer Service Managers

We have recently opened the Mixed Fleet CSM vacancy. Based at Heathrow, this is a key leadership role...

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Product and Service

We strive to design, develop and deliver products and services that our customers love and value and our colleagues are proud of.

Customer Service Transformation

  • Define and embed BA’s unique service style and customer standards to ensure our colleagues are able deliver outstanding service throughout the customer Journey
  • Develop and deliver Inflight Service Standards that enable cabin crew to deliver our product and service propositions
  • Create and deliver an innovative learning experience for our cabin crew and colleagues across Brands and Customer Experience


  • Set and deliver the food and beverage strategy for the airline, both onboard and in our lounges
  • Work with our catering suppliers to deliver good quality food and hospitality in all areas, driving cost efficiencies in handling costs
  • Work with chefs in all our caterers to ensure that food is delivered to the standards and quality expected by our customers
  • Ensure food safety standards are part of all caterer activity and that we rigorously audit to ensure caterer compliance
  • Engage with cabin crew to understand and incorporate passenger feedback on the product and the way it is delivered

Aircraft Product Development & Delivery

  • Manage the development and delivery of all new products designed for the interior of the aircraft including, premium and economy seating, interior finishing, galleys and washrooms & work closely with many internal departments and suppliers across a worldwide supplier base to enhance passenger comfort
  • Also manage the development of the In-flight Entertainment equipment fitted to our aircraft, including the selection of great films, TV, audio and games supported by well-known brands in home entertainment and consumer electronics
  • Work tirelessly with our colleagues across the airline to maintain these products at the highest quality possible in service by setting our standards and introducing continuous improvements to the way we maintain and clean

Worldwide Ground Product

  • Add measurable customer value by ensuring the British Airways and worldwide ground and lounge portfolio have a clear and consistent service and product specification, process and policy that exceeds our customer’s expectations delivering competitive advantage to BA
  • Identify opportunities in the worldwide ground and lounge proposition and services in line with our corporate strategy
  • Develop plans for continuous improvement to extend product lifecycle
  • Innovate and look to future technology to help provide the best experience for our customers
In-flight entertainment

Global Supply Chain

  • Manage over 50 suppliers providing over 900 on-board products, e.g. wines & spirits, catering equipment, passenger amenity and convenience items
  • Added to this we organise and manage the plans and logistics to ship, all of our products to over 90 global partners e.g. caterers and lounges via air, sea and land freight
  • Leading major supply chain innovation projects to drive best value and optimised service levels for our customers

Strategy and Prioritisation

  • Ensure a strategic approach to investment in our products and service, keeping our customer experience current and competitive
  • Prioritise our investment in products & service to ensure we achieve the maximum customer impact and support the business goals
  • Ensure our delivery plans are supported across the company