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We are only recruiting for permanent positions.

Our aim is to contact you as soon as possible to let you know the outcome of your application.

It’s a development programme for people that aspire to be a Customer Service Manager in the future. Aspire is not a role, anyone undertaking the programme has the core role as Cabin Crew, however, being on the programme will support your learning and experience to better equip you to become a CSM in the future when vacancies arise.

You can re-apply for the Cabin Crew role in 6 months’ time.

It depends on what position you have applied for. Details will be provided to you if you are invited to our assessment day.

You can bid for your work by choosing longhaul or shorthaul trips, the length of trip and destination you prefer and when you want to take time off between trips. You will be required to retain recency on all relevant aircraft types, as well as having up-to-date product, brand and service knowledge for every cabin and aircraft you operate. As the fleet grows, there will be more trips to choose from.

You will be flying either 777 & A380 or 777 & 747 on longhaul. You will be flying Airbus on shorthaul. In the future, as the fleet grows you may also be flying 787 longhaul.


Mixed Fleet flies to many diverse places around the world. One minute you could be surrounded by the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas strip and next you're on a sandy white beach in Cape Town. Learn about the different cultures across Asia and the Middle East or soak up the ambience with an evening's dining experience in France.


Mixed Fleet is a combination of long haul and short haul flights from Heathrow and our route network will continue to expand, with many new destinations on the horizon from the Americas to the Far East.

British Airways Heathrow campus consists of Waterside - our head office and our new state of the art training facility at TBC - our engineering base near Hatton Cross.

No, we can only accept applications for one of our fleets ie. Mixed Fleet, London Gatwick or London City. If you submit more than one application we will not be able to progress with your application until you have withdrawn any other current Cabin Crew applications

We are unable to reimburse any travel expenses.

Training length varies depending on the role you’ve applied for but ranges from 40 to 47 days which includes days off.


The training schedule may fall over weekends and days off will be varied.

We will update you on this information as the campaign progresses. However, we would encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible, as it is our intention to invite successful applicants in for assessment within a short time frame.

If you are successful in your assessment, British Airways will send you a provisional offer of employment.


The provisional offer of employment will not include a start date as this is subject to the first stage of essential pre-employment vetting and security checks.


Once we receive your acceptance of the provisional offer of employment, we will start the first stage of pre-employment vetting, this will take approximately 6 weeks.


A 3rd party company will conduct the checks on behalf of British Airways, and you will be sent a link to provide your pre-employment history .


You will have 7 days to register your information, if you do not register within 7 days, British Airways will withdraw your application.


For the first stage of pre-employment vetting you will be asked to provide comprehensive history for the last 5 years in both the UK and overseas, this includes employment, education and any gaps of over 28 days. Your current employer will not be contacted at this stage.


Once we complete the first stage of pre-employment vetting we will send you a formal offer of employment with a start date.


Once we receive your acceptance of formal offer, we will send you a contract of employment and will progress to the final stage of pre-employment vetting


For the final stage we will contact your current employer and be provided with details on how to obtain your criminal record check required for cabin crew roles

You should not plan any holidays within the first 3 months of joining as cabin crew. Annual leave can be booked once you have started your training course but not over any days you have essential training.

You would need to provide proof of a holiday booking which was made before your joining date. Scheduling will try to ensure time off is given for the duration of the holiday but this cannot always be guaranteed during peak holiday times.

We are unable to employ anyone who does not have the legal right to live and work in the UK. We do not offer migrant sponsorship for this role.

Customer Service Manager

You should allow yourself plenty of time – it takes around 40 minutes to complete if you’ve prepared your answers in advance.

As a CSM you will spend the majority of your time flying, inspiring your cabin crew to be outstanding. However, as a crucial part of the Fleet Management team you will have a unique opportunity to set the standards on which the fleet is built. In order to do this you will be required to spend some days each month working on the ground with your line manager on people management team activities and initiatives.

Yes, crew training will be a responsibility of CSMs and you will be off-lined from time to time. At the outset, we will be looking for a core number of CSMs to take up the opportunity to help train our new cabin crew recruits as they join, shaping and building the future of the fleet. Mixed Fleet embraces a dynamic, high performance culture and successful CSM candidates will play an integral role in providing the training required to achieve this.

The assessment activities are scheduled for approximately five hours. Please allow yourself a full day for your Assessment Centre.

The assessment centre is designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your motivation, skills and behaviours in relation to the roles in Mixed Fleet. It comprises a series of assessment events including an interview, individual role-plays and a group exercise.

You can re-apply for the CSM role after 6 months if you are an internal candidate.


If you are an external candidate you can re-apply for the CSM role after 12 months.

We are unable to employ anyone who does not have the legal right to live and work in the UK. We do not offer migrant sponsorship for this role.