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Customer Service Manager (CSM)

As a CSM I really get the chance to manage my team. For example, I have two ground days a month – as well as shadowing other areas of the business, I use this time to hold meetings with my team members to discuss their goals for the future. I also make sure that I allot some time to my own Personal Development Plan and review my learning. As a CSM we are very much part of the management team and therefore support projects run by the Crew Team Managers.

On the morning of a flight, I start off in the briefing room with my ten crew members. As way of introduction we go round the group and give a fact about ourselves, which always raises a few smiles. We then complete all the paperwork and meet the Flight crew. Finally, as the CSM I ask each crew member a scenario based question and together we set the expectations for the day.


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Pre-departure we are all very busy completing checks for safety, security and catering and before we know it our guests are on their way. Once boarding begins there’s a whole host of new duties like pre-take off drinks, coats to hang, papers to distribute, families to settle, bags to be stowed and all the other details which ensure the flight’s a success. The crews are all very industrious building rapport with each other and with our guests.

I really enjoy the interaction side of our job – it’s amazing what you can find out. Someone may be heading off to the mountains while another could be off for a few days of business dinners and spreadsheets. I report back to my crew and we make a note against their names so that later we can use this information to make conversation. This all helps our service flow efficiently and seamlessly and means that the flight goes well and with a real buzz.

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