Mixed Fleet - Merilyn

Future Talent Customer Service Manager (FTC)

Every time I walk into Terminal 5 at Heathrow it feels amazing. I am so smartly dressed in my blazer, skirt and fabulous hat that I feel like I’m about to do something really worthwhile. At the Crew Report Centre the atmosphere is always buzzing with energy and filled with various crews. I never imagined I would get to meet so many different and vibrant people. There’s something special about working here – I guess it’s because when we’re away we all look out for each other.

As part of the Future Talent Customer Service Manager team I have a lot of responsibilities. And once all the pre-flight checks are completed, the customer is my top priority. An eight hour flight passes really quickly and as well as the usual PA announcements there are often little highlights. The other day I got a chance to visit the Captain and have a chat with all the pilots. Getting to be 30,000 ft above sea level and sitting in the flight deck of a 777 is simply amazing.


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I make the most of every trip and plan excursions in each destination. Whether that’s visiting markets, elephant orphanages or just enjoying the luxury of beautiful hotels. After my adventures (and a nap) it’s back to work on the plane. I always give it my best, after all I know once we touch-down I’ll have a few days off to rest, share my stories and show off my photos to friends and family.

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