Mixed Fleet-From St Petersburg to Training the Trainer

Joanne Murdoch, Customer Service Manager

"After low-cost airlines I moved to a private charter firm which delivered bespoke flying experiences for VIPs, and which gave me my initial experience of a mix of short and long haul flights and of first class.

"I really enjoyed my first flight on Mixed Fleet. I went to the crew report centre in my new uniform, met the team and was problem solving through the day as it’s often the passengers who bring the surprises. From finding space for large buggies, to ensuring the service standards in each cabin, I like being able to empower my team to resolve each issue and deliver the expected standards of Mixed Fleet.


"It’s also good that on Mixed Fleet you know who you’re flying with via a roster so you can find out their names first and it creates an extra bond if you’ve flown with them before. Plus the Mixed Fleet training and development opportunities mean you can become involved in recruitment and customer training. Shortly I’m going to be undertaking a Train the Trainer qualification which will help me more with my team and when a new starter joins, they’ll immediately have contact with a Customer Service Manager from day one.

"Of course, my position commands respect but also brings with it a certain amount of responsibility – there are also plenty of career prospects and career development opportunities.

"I really enjoyed the contact with my passengers on my first flights, and seeing all the parents happy and kids content with their entertainment packs. In fact, I didn’t expect that level of attention and compliments. I struck up conversation with a passenger who didn’t want me to worry about pouring him a drink as it all looked too busy. I said I’m never too busy to help and we started chatting about St Petersburg, then the flight. He thought we were all very attentive – not disappearing when service was over – and that he wanted the team to come and work for him!

"For the future I’m looking forward to looking at the training and development opportunities for my team. I’m also excited by the whole Mixed Fleet experience. I’ve really enjoyed every moment."

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