Whatever you choose, your journey will keep moving

No matter which of our graduate journey paths inspires you the most, you can rest assured your learning and development will be constantly on the move: our business changes so rapidly, and the scale and scope is so vast, that no two days are the same.

British Airways has a long and proud history of nurturing graduate talent within these programmes which are well-respected across every business area they touch, opening valuable doors for the rest of your career. The impact of what you’ll do on your programme is highly tangible, with visible benefits to you and your career. You’ll be given unprecedented levels of responsibility which (when the daunting first impressions settle down) present a wealth of opportunities to shine and achieve.

It’s a dynamic, varied and adrenaline-fuelled business; the work will not be easy but it favours a curious, resilient and adaptable mind – rewarding you with a tremendous sense of belonging and accomplishment. Take a look at what some of our past graduates have said in the profiles page and see wonderful common themes: pride, exhilaration and a true sense of having journeyed far.