Andrea - Engineering graduate programme

My first impression was one of amazement at the manpower, tooling and materials that go into BA Engineering. As a passenger, you’re just unaware of the scale: the accuracy; the precision. Safety and reliability levels are off the scale in this company, leaving absolutely nothing to chance.

Within my first months, I was setting up aircraft inspections to help maintain the airworthiness of the airplane. Soon after, I began working on the new aircraft. One of my proudest moments was sitting in a team meeting with Rolls Royce looking back over the past two years and reviewing the successful entry into service of not one but TWO aircraft types within weeks of each other.

On a typical day I’ll start by looking at any events that happened during the night or day before, then see what needs immediate attention. After that, I review the longer-term things: What are we doing to make sure our engines are even safer? How can we anticipate problems 10 years in the future? It’s testament to the quality of BA maintenance quality that the new planes will be flying safely in another 20 years’ time.


There’s a lot of buzz and excitement in BA at the moment, and not just about the new planes. I feel very good about my job, working alongside some extremely experienced and interesting people. I generally try to suck as much knowledge from them as possible! They love the keenness and energy of the grads and are very supportive.

The role comes with a fair amount of pressure but it’s hugely satisfying, and well-rewarded. It has certainly been a “journey” and I’ll be staying on it for quite some time yet.

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