Justina - Operational Research graduate programme

My first impression was that there’s a LOT of information to take on board. But at the same time, there was this rush of excitement because of the responsibility you’re given. It was such a steep learning curve – I realise I’ve come such a long way! From being the wide-eyed novice, I now have my own projects and clients to manage; people now come to me for advice.

Currently, I’m working on seat layout decisions surrounded by people who know a vast amount more than me. To gain more knowledge I volunteered to join the cabin crew out to Mumbai to see and feel what could be improved. It was a great way to understand the actual customer experience and get beyond the theory.

There are so many different areas you could be working on. That’s the great thing about the programme: it exposes you to so much of the business: new planes, World Cargo, you name it. And the people are great; very down-to-earth. Even when I met the top boss Keith Williams, he said to use his first name. On that note, you do get introduced to high levels of the business early on. Within my first six months, I attended a meeting with the board – the highest-level decision makers presenting data-modelling which helped them decide which aircraft to buy!


It’s been a big journey the last two years: from knowing nothing, I’m now the person who writes the project brief and makes my own decisions. It’s a great combination of work and travel and everyone here is proud because they’re part of a group of people who love their job. I still feel inspired after two years – now I understand why people stay so long.

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