Rajvinder - Commercial Analyst graduate programme

When I first stepped into the world of BA I wasn’t sure what I was in for. The office building is really, really big. The business itself is huge, but I already had some analyst experience so I knew BA would offer exciting chances to get more commercially involved. Commercial Performance is integral to the workings of the company, so it gave me a chance to see how every area of the business works.

My first few weeks at British Airways involved meeting lots of people, including key stakeholders, during my induction. Understanding each of their requirements helped shape an idea of my role. Within one month I was given my own project to manage, working on Iberia to understand its performance and drivers. This turned into a portfolio account and I subsequently took over key responsibility, handling numerous spin-off projects, as the scale of the portfolio grew. My typical day starts with email checks for urgent requests: questions about the account or its strategy.


Our team supports the sales function in BA so we attend their tactical meetings, providing insight and knowledge into trends in the market. I also attend meetings about analytical projects in my portfolio. The job involves evaluating BA’s performance data, interaction with many people in order to communicate our findings, helping to drive decisions and develop strategies to enhance performance from the data analysis that we conduct. A curious mind is a must for this department.

I feel very fortunate to be part of BA. It’s such a big company with so many opportunities: you can really shape your own career here. The industry itself is also so complicated that you can apply the things you’ve learned to any role within, or without. I’m happiest when I’m learning, and since there’s still a LOT to learn about the different roles and business areas it’s safe to say I’ll be happy here for a long while yet!

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