Matthew - World Cargo graduate programme

I had limited understanding of the cargo world before I joined, but the role description interested me: how does it all work? The answer is completely different to how I imagined; it’s fascinating. The enormity of the operation to get flowers picked in one country to a shop in another country the next day is incredible. We play a huge part in facilitating things like that every day. It’s almost like another world here that people never normally see. Only here, the passengers are boxes full of delicate machinery, day-old chicks or fresh vegetables.

As a graduate you’re given a huge responsibility straight away. Within less than a year I went from Duty Manager to being in charge of over 90 staff members: acting as document controllers for the freight. I have to determine how all these people ensure that all the documentation is compliant and processed in a timely manner. If that doesn’t happen, the freight doesn’t move.


 There’s no such thing as a typical day in World Cargo; it’s highly reactive. You’re constantly balancing the needs of your staff with the needs of the business. I start with a review of the previous day’s performance, working out what happened and what to do to correct or improve it, then direct the team. This is intermixed with facilitating several different projects at the same time: recruitment, looking at performance measurement, trials… the list goes on!

It’s been a great journey so far. BA World Cargo is a fantastic place to work – the people are helpful and extremely knowledgeable.  You never stop learning! And the more I get involved the more I want to see it all succeed.

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