Shiv - IT graduate programme

I was really excited to be offered a place on the programme and couldn’t wait to join. We were all made very welcome and felt supported during the induction, and the tours/activities that we were involved in were great. We received good in-depth technical training to prepare us for our placements, but learning on-the-job and continual development is key to success on this programme.

All my placements have been exciting. I’ve worked on a number of customer experience enhancing and revenue-generating development projects on, which made use of Agile working practices and the latest technologies. On a day-to-day basis I could be involved in any of the stages of development whether it was analysis, design, development or testing.


My placements have also been at the forefront of technological change, as I’ve worked on a multimillion pound change project as a Business Analyst and Agile Scrum Master. The task was to change and redevelop legacy platforms that are used to weight and balance planes, which makes them legally compliant prior to taking off. This involved structuring our code to fit the new Service Oriented Architecture that British Airways is adopting.

I’ve been part of the Social Business team, which involved me establishing and exploiting a new platform within our parent company, International Airlines Group (IAG), to allow collaborative working between British Airways and Iberia. This involved working with colleagues across organisational boundaries and hierarchies to influence key business decisions. The work was very varied; one week I would be developing the architecture and security of the collaborative platform, and the next I was delivering training to Iberia head office colleagues in Madrid.

Currently I’m working as an Infrastructure Engineer within the mobile space. In my short time at British Airways, I have witnessed how mobile technology is revolutionising working practices. At British Airways we’re committed to embracing this technology and enabling our workforce with them. We already have thousands of these devices within the business and this is increasing daily, both in operational and in non-operational areas. My work is to help exploit the use of these devices, from mobile email to customer facing applications to future strategies, whilst constantly maintaining security and infrastructure standards. Being in this area means I regularly get my hands on the latest technology and I get invited to global conferences, which is great!

Even having completed a degree in Computer Science, working here has been a real jump up for me in terms of my technical development, leadership and business analysis skills. I’ve honed my presentation skills too and, wherever you are in British Airways, your interpersonal skills are going to be key to your success. It may be a cliché, but you really do get out what you put in at British Airways, and with the right attitude and ambition, you can forge a truly outstanding career in I.T. The travel perks aren’t at all bad either!

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