Chloe - Finance graduate programme

Having never done finance in the past (I studied Biology) this presented quite a challenge! I knew nothing about accountancy: it was all just pages of numbers and acronyms. But I felt attracted to the world of business – more of the analytical side – and BA offered such big, international expertise with the obvious prestige of the brand.

As with other grads, they gave me lots of responsibility early on but the people are so good here that you’re eased into the role – I had a very solid induction programme, introducing me to all parts of the business. Actually, more like cramming my head full of knowledge. One of my early roles was in Aircraft Trading, integrating all the new leases from BMI: in-depth due diligence, how to align with BA’s organisation… complex analytical stuff with project management.

The team have been enormously helpful and the environment is, surprisingly, not too high-pressure – which makes a change for accountancy! I put this down to everything being so well-run, even at busy times of the year.


I’ve come a long way since I started. Not just in terms of my business understanding but also the professional exams I’ve now passed. Your soft skills improve radically too: I can now hold my own in senior management meetings with confidence. In terms of capability, within just a few months I was already writing a report to HMRC putting forward the case for why Premium Economy should be on a lower rate of tax.

I genuinely like coming to work every day. The people are passionate and proud, and there’s a real sense of enthusiasm – especially as the new planes arrive and we realised almost everyone’s had their part to play in making this happen.

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