Kimranpal - Leaders for Business graduate programme

Without a doubt, this has been one of the most challenging and worthwhile experiences of my life. At just 24, I found myself co-managing a department of 160 people - mainly men. It was heavily unionised, with just two of us managing and reporting to one senior figure. Tough is not the word; we had to deal with so many issues. But it was hugely exciting at the same time, opening my eyes to the industry and the countless opportunities going forward.

It’s a very corporate culture, but also surprisingly flexible: they’ve got the work/life balance right. For instance, you could start at 7 and finish at 3. As a graduate, I would spend my time learning intensely during the day, but be free in the evenings to do what I wanted.My professional journey has been far more advanced than I imagined it would be. I’ve learned about the way the industry works, how to bring out the best in people, and how to find my own style of management that suits me – and works.


 Unlike other programmes, you get to pick which role will challenge you. And that role has a very real responsibility attached. Early on, you will be accountable for changing some aspect in the business. BA gives you a framework (the placement, courses, reviews) but what you do with it is your decision. You decide how you want to develop and the programme builds around this. Friends outside of BA sound as though they’re just on a conveyor-belt scheme. This makes you feel empowered.

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