Richard - Procurement graduate programme

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the pitch certainly sounded interesting: “You get to manage contracts worth £10 million”. Not true. You end up managing considerably more than that – in your first year! The landing gear overhaul alone was worth £150 million. You’re in at the deep end early. On my very first day I was given a negotiation to do; within three months I was given a major security project in New York – sourcing suppliers in the market, vetting viable options, running the tender process, writing specifications with the NY team and then negotiating the actual contract. I was proud of that; it ran like a text-book project.

My current remit is huge: all the objects that go on an aircraft, except the passengers. When there’s a question of quality I’m called in to negotiate compensation or a cost-effective solution. After just one year I’m treated like a consultant, helping the business analyse solutions to find even better ways of working.


The team is brilliant; one of the closest in the company: friendly, supportive, good humoured and all sat together. As well as working hard, we also get to enjoy several away days. If you’re thinking about joining, you need to be willing to accept high levels of responsibility and accountability. You also need to keep an eye on the news – know what’s going on around the world (e.g. a fuel crisis in the Middle East) – as we’re seen as market experts.

I love this job. I really do. I keep saying it, but in the past three years there hasn’t been a single day I haven’t wanted to go to work.

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