Kathryn - IT graduate programme

I joined the graduate programme last year, excited to discover the world of IT at British Airways. It all started off with presentations, tours and workshops focusing on all areas of the business. We also had the chance to get to know the other graduates, through team-building activities, a community project and a familiarisation flight to Brussels.

After the corporate induction event, we embarked upon a three-week IT induction, which was a great insight into how Information and Technology impacts and serves the business. With a mixture of internal presenters and external trainers, the course offered an excellent grounding in IT, with plenty of time for hands-on exercises.  A few weeks after starting my role, I was lucky enough to join my team on a trip to Seattle to work with Boeing to test the newly created IT infrastructure put in place for the new 787 E-enabled aircraft.

During my time on the IT Graduate Programme, I have had the chance to work on a variety of activities and put my training and experience to good use.  The variety and scale of the projects on offer is huge. From Information Security, to app development to working on ba.com – it’s a great time to be working in IT.


I’d recommend this programme to anyone who’s motivated and driven to work in IT within an exciting, fast-changing industry. Having a technical background isn’t essential (I graduated in International Management and French) – it’s all about your communication skills, ability to solve problems, and passion for technology.

Coming from a completely non-IT background, I've learnt a huge amount. My team have been very welcoming and always happy to explain concepts or offer advice. That’s made the biggest difference.

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